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  1. Just the usual on mine. Removed snorkel. PAIR valve delete. Flapper delete. Removed rear fender, raised license plate higher. Blacked out the OEM windscreen. Added tank knee pads and belt guard. Sargent seat. Rear luggage rack. Plasti-dipped the wheels (anthracite). Staintunes. Cortech tank bag. Might add a Power Commander, but it's running so well I might leave it as is. Nothing over the top, just enough to make it my own.
  2. VFRbeliever

    Second Time Around

    Another 2002!
  3. VFRbeliever

    Plowing Snow 2011

    Now how come I didn't think of that? :fing02:
  4. VFRbeliever


    Hey! I remember that trip! Had to deal with some rain drops toward the end, but that was one fine day of riding! ~Chris
  5. VFRbeliever


    My wife and I had the privilege of visiting Sedona this year for the first time. What a beautiful part of the country! Driving on that crazy road from Flagstaff to Sedona through the canyon all I kept thinking was, "I wish I were on my bike..." Thanks for the pictures.
  6. VFRbeliever

    VFR twilght 1.jpg

    This is wallpaper worthy. Kudos to whoever got the shot. Awesome.
  7. VFRbeliever


    That was a great ride. I had forgotten about the bag!
  8. VFRbeliever

    Father Son Moments

    My 4-year-old loves the VFR as much as I do.
  9. That day was a blast! We're going to have to plan another one sometime this summer.
  10. VFRbeliever

    Winter 2009

    Cold & Snowy
  11. I've got a prime 6th-gen candidate sitting in my garage...and winter's coming. :unsure:
  12. VFRbeliever


    Hey, our western Mass ride made the front page again. :fing02:
  13. During the organization phase of our last group ride, one of the members asked a great question. Do we have any posted group riding rules? After searching a bit, I found short discussions here and there, but nothing extensive posted here on VFRD, other than Nick Ienatsch's excellent post on "The Pace". My proposal is that the wisdom of the board regarding group riding be collected, pruned by the mods if necessary, and made into a sticky. This is not a post about riding technique, but rather common sense rules about group riding. I have personally been on less than 10 groups rides with 10 riders or more, but have found the experience to be rich and satisfying. The group dynamic adds something intangible that riding solo can't produce. However, I think we all realize that if simple rules aren't laid down and adhered to, disaster could strike. What I think would be really helpful is a list. A list that could be accessed, downloaded, printed, whatever. Perhaps after everyone has chimed in, someone could collect, categorize, and organize all these thoughts and produce a single VFRD Group Riding Rules post, or a .pdf for everyone to utilize. Thinking through some of these issues before riding in a group could save someone's life. There are some seasoned, experienced riders on this board. Let's hear from all of you and see what we can come up with. ~Chris
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