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  1. And here I was excited about getting new tires ....
  2. I like it... black will make it blend for those who don't want to see it. BTW guys... if you don't like it... don't buy it. Just a thought. Rock on Trav!
  3. That guy copied me!!! Only I used a curling iron. I'm a bit embarrased to admit that I even know what a curling iron is
  4. to my knee I finally got my new riding brace in yesterday and used it this AM. It was a bit cold at 18 degrees, but did the job (I guess?) This thing cost more than a really nice exhaust system, so it better keep my knee safe :laugh: It's even made of carbon fiber, but I had it painted black cuz you know I'm a fool for black. The doc said that should be the last knee brace I ever need... he obviously has never seen me ride. So this is what my xmas to me was... unless I can find something better. I know how jealous you all must me. :biggrin: My daughter wanted to put stickers on it (yellow and pink hearts) so I gave her a deals gap sticker to put on instead (can you imagine the hell I would get from the guys at work?)
  5. Nope... I'm all stock... haven't adjusted anything yet. My friend down the street works for Traxxion Dynamics and offered to tweak the stock settings for me if I can drop by the shop. I think I will start by letting his team look me and the bike over, dial in some good settings, and then see what aftermarked suspension stuff the reccommend. I gotta pay Dymos2000 for a set of Lasers, then I can put some cash into the suspension. I don't know if Butch had suspension work done, but I loved the way his bike rode. Hard to believe that I have put in over 21,000 miles on VFRs and never touched the suspension... but that's how it's played out. Now you can say... "Yeah, I know that guy! He rides much better now that he changed the settings!" Watch out Vespa riders... I just might pass you out on the road :rolleyes:
  6. WOW, thanks for all the advice!! I made an important discovery yesterday... it was like a light bulb going off. I was taking Butch's bike back to him (done with this round of mods,) and he has lowered his bike a bit. That coupled with my new riding stance had me whipping through the turns on the way to work about 5 MPH faster than usual. I didn't want to push too hard (I wasn't on my bike after all,) but I noticed how much more confidence I had with a lower center of gravity. I am about 6'2" and just naturally throw the VFR center of gravity up there a bit (Jeremy probably knows what I am talking about.) So today I worked really hard at getting my center of gravity lower (by following the posted advice.) It definately made a difference. I have been just sitting way up on the seat with my head in the clouds and leaning... now I feel like I just slip through a turn instead of dragging the bike around a corner... the difference is HUGE I feel like I can keep up with the Vespa riders now :laugh:
  7. OK, I should have qualified this... I'm not hanging off like Jeremy or anything like that. I am nowhere near that level... Just moving my butt to one side of the seat or the other, getting my torso over the tank, and my head near the mirror that's on the inside of the turn. I am going through corners faster doing this, but when I move to the other side, sometimes it's not smooth... most times it is. I cannot figure out why sometimes I mess it up. Maybe I will have to just keep experimenting to figure it out, but I thought I would ask. BR - I ALWAYS need schoolin I am fairly smooth most of the time... I just need to figure out this annoying little thing.
  8. Now that the effects from last year's wreck are starting to subside, I find myself starting to hang off the bike in turns (which is new to me.) I did NOT practice that at TMAC since I don't know the roads well enough (and didn't want to push my luck with the wife who didn't want me to go racing around the mountains with you guys.) Anyway, when I switch sides in quick corners, I find myself upsetting the chassis just a little and the bike wiggles. My knee is on the tank, my butt is off the seat, and my weight is not on the bars... so what am I missing? That little wiggle in the back end of the bike is not bad, but I feel like I can make it stop if I knew what I was messing up. As usual, thanks in advance for the help :fing02:
  9. Well, Butch's bike is finally done. I charged it up yesterday and rode around the neighborhood to check everything. While I don't really like the convertibars, I have to say that the riding position on his bike makes it incredibly manuverable at low speed. I was doing U turns at 4 MPH inside of a 12' radius! Nice!!! Anyway, the bike finally goes back to him this weekend and I hope he likes it. Here are the final pics... Doesn't EVERYONE need two VFRs in their garage? Check out the gold sprocket and chain You can turn on the Volt Meter even when the bike is off
  10. Don't forget the Japanese restaurant we ate at!!! With the token girl in the front and a team of rednecks cooking in the back :) Good times!
  11. Check it out... Wonder what took them so long? I still prefer Radar's and R&G... 5th Gen Sliders 4th Gen 6th Gen
  12. Butch, here's another thought... you can pull the Throttle Meisters and have them coated too. I think that might look better with the levers, but up to you. It's really easy to do, so you can do it if you decide to, or let me know and I'll drop them when I go later this week to get my swingarm and get fitted for earphones. If not... or you want to wait, you can always pull them and ship them to the powdercoater. Also, I have another set of rotors you can borrow if you want yours coated Ken, I want to coat the extra set of rotors, so I will bring them to you later this week!
  13. OK, we are just about ready to go. There is a small punch list: 1. I still have some electrical connections to make, but didn't want to do them until the harness is replaced under warranty 2. ABS Light is on (but the bike has bee sitting there for months. If I remember correctly, it was doing this before I pulled the bike apart. Again, I will address once the shop does the factory replacement if it persists. 3. One headlight is out, but I think I know why... will address when the bike gets back All in all, it's looking good and running solid. If I can beat the rain, off to the shop it goes tomorrow Quick disconnects for the volt meter The other end of the disconnects (you can't mess it up) Here's how the wheele turned out...
  14. Check Ken out!!! Always looking out for others! Hey Butch, I made a lot of progress over the weekend, you can check the pics below. I should wrap it up tonight and be ready for the dealership on Tuesday. I think you Kissan headlight modulator is shot... so here's what I propose: Order a new one and I will get it mounted. Then we can put the old one in the box and return it. I think this is the fastest way to get finished. I messed with that thing for about an hour and finally got tired of it. Your bike is now really clean too Painted the center of the wheel The wheel will look like this when done Rear Wheel mounted Cleaned the swingarm and stuff Re-Wrapped this luggage support (it was looking scrappy) Notice I cleaned and polished the staintunes as well Note the heated grip wires are wrapped for looks and protection :thumbsup: More wrapping and a GOLD Pazzo! Front end buttoned up and a bug buster too! Looks good Riv! Another shot... the paint matches nicely. Check the Pazzos. Cleaned the MRA screen too No flash shot Garmin mount and power cord run
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