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  1. Rear Wheel Lug Nuts - Source?

    I really like the look of your wheel. First of all, I like the black lugs. And I'd like to know where you got the hub center VFR cover.
  2. vibration-proof grips

    This thought triggered another idea. Every one of my fifth gens (5) has needed steering head bearings. When loose or worn out (Honda used cheaper ball bearings) it some times mimics a cupped front tire, i.e. vibration. My first fifth was originally diagnosed by the dealer's service tech with cupped tires; when I replaced them the problem was still there. That's when he showed me how to check that. While on the center stand he had me press down on the pillion seat to raise the front wheel into the air. He then slowly turned the front back and forth. He said there is a "notch" in the center of the movement that I could also feel. The solution was installing All Balls tapered rolling bearings. Issue cured. Five times. One bike exhibited the problem at 28,000 miles (such a youngster!). On my first it happened near 80,000 miles. Once again, good luck t.i.n.s.
  3. vibration-proof grips

    No on the non-oem grips. Two of my fifth gens came with some aftermarket grips, two layers with red underneath and black with cut-out so the red showed through. I sold the first machine with them. Then a subsequent fifth had the same grips that were very worn out. Since my first fifth gen's oem grips were still unworn at 105,000 miles when a deer KIA'd it I've stuck with oem since. No complaints with them, luckly. Hope you can find something that works. Numb hands are a pain in the.... wrist.
  4. 2010 bike won't start

    I've had a bank angle sensor go bad on my fifth gen. That would be my guess.
  5. vibration-proof grips

    Back in the old days of 1969 I bought a set of grips that had lateral sections of gell making the grips semi-squishie. I've not seen anything like them but then I have not been looking. Have you determined that you have no wrist issues like carpal tunnel syndrome? I had CTS and the same symptoms. The numbness was no longer an issue after surgery which I understand is much easier since I had mine done eight years ago. Good luck.
  6. Trying to find touch-up paint

    (Being infamous for my memory) I believe I have bought OEM paint (code R-157 for 2001 VFR 2 oz.) from PaintScratch dot com. Incline Village, NV 89451 (775) 831-9493. At the same time I bought primer and clear coat that had their name on the bottles. (Being a champion procrastinator I've yet to use them.) Good luck.
  7. She's (it's?) a beaut. Take care and have fun, in that order. ;)
  8. 1986 VFR750 w/ 10K miles

    Such a beautiful machine. And in such great condition and such low mileage. You obviously have great taste in motorcycles.
  9. Done / To-Do / Addons - Suggestions?

    The best conspicuity upgrade I've done is LED replacement H4 bulbs. I've noticed evidence that I'm much more visible to surrounding traffic. This is where I got mine: http://www.highperformancebulbs.com/h4-cree-led-bulbs-headlight-bulbs-super-bright.html
  10. Tire advice for 5th gen

    I love the PR2's. Less expensive, 10,000 mile life for me and good in all weather rain included. I've had more than a half dozen over the years, with one exception, and have in the past had unmatched front / rear brands and prefer to have a set of new matched tires every time now.
  11. Yet another newbie

    Welcome to the asylum. She's a beaut. And it's riding season!
  12. TMAC 2018 - INFO

    Hot diggity! I hope to make it. Thank you for thinking about this so early. Costs, venue and "entertainment" just like the old days. It will be a long winter.
  13. 1986 Vfr Track Bike Out Of Parts

    Fabulous! I love the dual round headlights. (Are you sure you've got enough motorcycles? You seem to be a master of MBD (multi bike disorder).
  14. Welcome to the asylum. We will need pics of your ride(s) to prove you are not a figment of our imagination.

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    2. R4360


      Lousy old photo, those were the days before I realized how good phones are as cameras.......

    3. R4360


      In -84 this ran at leMans , Paul Richard , Spa , and Silverstone

    4. R4360


      Same  factory HRC engine as in the Joey Dunlop video V-for Victory from Isle of Man , save the gear driven cams...

  15. Do you wheelie your viffer?

    I've had two accidental wheelies. One downtown lined up at a stop light next to a HD, needed to get in to his lane for the next left turn. Spun the go handle a little much and the front tire came up about a foot. No big deal. The second was riding the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River in CO while passing a slower vehicle; the front came up several feet as I swung left while pointing to the opposite side of the road, at 45 degrees to the direction of travel. Whatever I did was unconsious but the bike came down pointed the right direction. Slightly not a big deal, surprisingly.
  16. tasty 88 vfr

    Holy socks! That sounds just wicked and mean.
  17. Vfr 750 - 92

    I know why those critters went extinct. Although their teeth were fine for taking care of hooved forest rats, their arm were too short for riding motorcycles!
  18. FI light coming on

    11J, did this issue get resolved?
  19. This one or that one ?

    That artist is quite talented. Personally I like the top one. I would not mind that hanging in my office or my work space in the garage.
  20. If you are price sensitive about tire prices the Pilot Road 2 has taken me through all the worst weather and never caused any traction issues. They tend to be cheaper than the PR-3 and PR-4. They also last me around 10,000 miles. I've used many sets over the last six years.
  21. 030917vfr.JPG

    Nice looking unique color combination. You obviously have great taste in mc's.
  22. Picture Thread

    +1. Esp. pipes.
  23. Picture Thread

    Just WOW!
  24. Lost the Love

    While my family is afraid of mc and my riding one, I am living an Allman Brothers Band song: Nobody Left To Run With Anymore. At age 68 I've lost two riding pals, one to cancer and another to a stroke. Luckily, PairOfAces is still available and willing to do some occasional weekend days with. But being retired and still addicted riding weekdays are solo outings. As Phillis Diller said "Getting old is not for sissies. For me it's all about pain management and tolerance.