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  1. I could not ride today because it was so cold that when I went to the mailbox to post a letter and then, realizing I had not sealed the envelope, when I licked the flap it was welded to my tongue. I had to wait outside for the carrier to rip the envelope from my face.
  2. RideZars action at DCTC

    From the album maxswell

    Dakota County Tech College, about 20 miles. from my house, is the site for track days and classes put on by Zalusky Advanced Rider School in the summer. I've taken one each of the last two years. This is a on-site photographer's picture from my second class. I've learned a lot, got a lot of practice time and had fabulously fun at each class. There was an incident that made the day much more "interesting" for me the day of my first class. The track is a one-mile reconfigurable course with a very short front straight and a longer back strait. Passing for the lower-experienced classes is only allowed on the back strait and one rule applicable here is that if one goes off track for any reason they must stay off until directed back on. This six-cylinder BMW (Bad Dude) passed me illegally on the front strait as I was riding behind a slow rider, waiting for a chance to pass on the back strait. We three reached the back strait and Bad Dude took off passing and I followed right behind him. Halfway down the strait he disappeared from my vision for an instant. (I thought "great! no one in front now") The next instant he was back in front of me, sliding perpendicularly across the track, separately from his bike, about 10 feet in front of me. (holy feces!). Next thing I know there is a thump and I'm braking hard at the side of the track. I jump off and am the first person to reach the downed rider. (I was sure I'd run over him) He appears disoriented. But he eventually rolls over and sits up. Track shuts down, ambulance comes, he goes to hospital for observation, and I go back to the pit. I'm as shaken as I've ever been. The replay of me "running him over" is running unstoppingly in my head. The morning classes are over and afternoon practice had just begun. I cannot get the video out of my head and I'm mentally done for the day. (The thump I heard turned out to be the rubber bottom of his boot glancing off my right-side side cowl, leaving a small black smudge. Man! that was close.) I'm eagerly waiting for my third class May 7, 2017 and hoping it's less eventful.
  3. LED headlightsInPlace.JPG

    From the album maxswell

    Cree LED headlights replacing stock H4 bulbs mounted in front cowl of fifth gen. - Increased light coverage forward (distance) and to the side (breath). - Increased conspicuity to surrounding vehicles on the road - Reduced load on R/R - No brightness interferrence to on-coming vehicles - seems to attract additional attention to myself from same-direction-vehicles ahead of me.
  4. maxswell

  5. LED/Projector headlight housing.

    I replaced my H4 bulbs in my 2001 VFR with LED lighting and have had excellent results. It's obvious to me that I'm more conspicuous to vehicles arould me. And the distance and breath covered by the lights increased. And, to address your concern about scattered light, I've never been flashed by an oncoming vehicle. While I was installing them, Wire-my-bike advised me that the LED lights would reduce the electrical draw on the system and add work the R/R has to shunt heat to the subframe. To combat this I added a thick aluminum plate between the R/R and the frame. Mello dude made the plates. Very simple to install.
  6. New to 5th GEN

    Welcome to the asylum from the land of squeeky snow. Congratulations of acquiring a fabulous machine. It is the best gen in the fastest color. Ride safe and have fun.
  7. New member from Canada

    Welcome to the asylum neighbor. You have good taste in mc's. And since you are more or less in the neighborhood, consider joining some of us in July for the 4th tri-annual Summer Summit. This year it is in Custer, SD. So come an meet some of your fellow viffers. There are other gatherings throughout the year. Check them out. And good luck with your new machine.
  8. Bump Starting

    Regarding dealing with a week or discharged battery, there are many choices for compact jump start portable batteries. I bought a WeeGo several years ago. It claimed to have the juice to start a couple of 3.5 liter v6 engines. I was heading out on a long-distance ride when I came across a woman on the sholder of the freeway whose mc battery was dead. As a door nail. I hooked my unit, which is about the size of a new cell phone, to her battery and we got the machine started but it would die as soon as the jump starter was disconnected. So I hooked up the battery and left the charger connected while she began retracing her route on the other sid e of the freeway with me following. She made it several miles to the next exit where she pulled off. Her bike died at the stopsign at the end of the exit ramp. So we disconnected the jumper, left her machine there while I gave her a short ride to a strip mall where she would call her boy friend. And I was on my way about an hour and a half after stopping. She was quite grateful. I do not leave my hood without it.
  9. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    You are going to be missed SFOM. I was looking forward to hanging with you again. I'll have to catch you later in CA. It is my favorite riding destination.
  10. 8th Gen Luggage pics

    I've gotten great service by calling Givi. There is a phone number for GiviUSA; I cannot fine one for GiviUK. Good luck.
  11. Do you wheelie your viffer?

    And a fabulous machine it is. Looking good there Switchblade.
  12. Major Service

    I looked at a couple of reviews of this machine and, if I was considering a new mc, this is the one I'd buy. Thanks for the insight Skids.
  13. Welcome to the asylum. That's a unique color for the best generation. She'll be beutiful when your done.
  14. Wad 11

    I wish I was there right now! Beautiful.
  15. My Custom Tourer

    I have the same Givi luggage rack setup so I can comment on their installation. The instructions are clear; pay attention to keeping the whole assembly loosly fitted together before tightening any thing. It took me some time to install; having an assistant would be very helpful. There was a lot of figiting going on. Good luck.
  16. Extreem Heat shielding on a 5th gen

    My machine came with taped exhaust pipe and a removed heat shield also. I experience no hot butt through my leather riding pants.
  17. New Member from Surrey, UK

    Welcome to the asylum from the deep freeze. The best generation in the fastest color. You have great taste in mc's. Are you still riding this month over there?
  18. Hello from Jonesborough, Tennessee

    Welcome to the asylum. You obviously have great taste in mc's. Another meet-up suggestion is the Spring Ride in Franklin, NC in May. (btw, I have some skis I could send down. )
  19. Blank States Visited maps

    Perfect! Thank you CJ. That actually looks fun, not fearful.
  20. I've been trying to figure out how to get a States Visited map of the states I have visited. Any one have a comprehensive explaination on how to get an original, fill in states with color, etc., including software needed? An explaination would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks in advanced for your consideration.
  21. Hello from the frigid Midwest

    Welcome to the asylum. This place can become addictive. You've got a of years and miles on that machine. And checkout the group gatherings; there is a SumSum in Custer S.D next summer. That should be a short commute for you.
  22. Blank States Visited maps

    Yes! That is the nicest one I've seen. Presents quite clearly on my PC. Thanks Knight, I have MS Office 2003 student edition. I opened the diymaps site and it looks easy enough for me.I'll try to make my map later.
  23. 102 1828

  24. DSCF2819.JPG

    A mighty fine example.
  25. 1488482967705.jpg

    A "natural bike wash".

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