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  6. I will be sure to feature a bike at a gas station with all sorts of power lines hanging in the shot, grainy, and smudges on the lens, and a rider who seems to be working out a wedgie. Just to balance out BrianF.
  7. Once again vfrd members have come through.
  8. I have a similar problem it turned out to be my home computer firewall was blocking pictures from rendering.
  9. Every time I turn on the local NPR radio station I cringe when they are doing fund drives, which is pretty much every three months. I am a supporting member but its seems like jeez every time I actually listen, which is probably once or twice a month driving my car around town. I have to shut it off cause its well a bit over bearing. I hope to never have to do that here but it seems the time has come for me to ask for help since I am going out of pocket lately to keep this place going. We have collected 59% of the goal so far which was sustaining us up until I lost the hard drive on the server, which entailed a lot of work on my part and some serious downtime involving me trying to restore the old software for 3 days strait to no avail. I had it like I wanted it and many of you like the old site the way it was too, however Linux is constantly changing, constantly upgrading and bits of pieces of software go unsupported and unavailible as time goes on. They call it a Lamp stack - the engine that drives a linux webserver. Linux - the operating system that allows a computer to work Apache - the software that serves up HTTP web and publishes our site to the world MySQL - the database that powers all the data and stores it rapidly and efficiently PHP - the programming language that this forum is written in Well every part of the lamp stack must be compatible in order to make vfrd work, I lost the hard drive and the old outdated lamp stack that worked with the old forum software. I had to rebuild it - I tried to recreate the stack the way it was so I could just copy over the saved files from the site, but my backup was incomplete, it had all the vfrd files I needed but not all the of the linux files so I had to rebuild from scratch. 3 days trying to get the right combo of stack to work with the old files just wasnt happening and I was coming to conclusion I needed just to upgrade everything to the latest version and upgrade vfrd forum invisionboard software as well - I had planned on doing it anyhow but I was waiting for the moment when I had all the right peices of the puzzle in place. Did not happen that way as you know and as the forum is currently not in the same state as complete as I would like (a home page would be nice WORKING ON IT TRUST ME IM WORKING ON IT) - so I rebuilt it as current as possible with a lamp stack that works together with all the forum programs in unison. Well that server melt down cost a bit more money than I had planned for and as a result - we are 75% of the way into the budget year with 59% of the budget proccedes collected, I am coming up short! VFRD needs to collect $225 each month to sustain operation, I planned a bit of overage but with issues we had I did not plan enough. But $225 a month will do the job! So far this last July we have Collected $70 and nothing so far this month. I have put an awful lot of time and my own money into this thing I could use your help - those of you who have already contributed thank you so much. If you havent and you value this place as much as I do please help out! You have no idea I have much I hate to have to ask! http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/donate/ HS
  10. I missed the post on the new chain and sprockets. I would have suggested the chain was worn. It's possible the cush drive is worn. Rubber cush inserts in the bell shaped drive holding the rear sprocket. They dry rot and crack. It is an older bike. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  11. moved the topic to the correct forum for reporting issues with the site. Managed to fix the problem, appears the latest upgrade broke the donate template. I reinstalled it and now it seems to be working, Let me know if there are any further issues with it.
  12. The 2000 is the first year the switched to using O2 monitoring on the catalytic converter as well, as part of the fuel injection system. The headers are more restricted, and smaller engine valves, different cam profiles. Lots of changes on the y2k model it was California compliant and had a more aggressive charcoal fuel venting system to capture tank/airborne fumes. It was much more emission compliant for stricter emissions laws. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  13. gotta be on your end. There is no setting to do that.
  14. Oh no he was a good guy. Sad to hear the news.
  15. ? Testing