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  1. I remember the first time I installed a set of tapered bearings. The first couple hundred feet down the road doing a little swervy testing I thought "oh no what have I done, it feels so much heavier and vague!"... then I got to the first corner and it felt so planted I forgot all about losing the finer feel.
  2. Oh geez. Mine's been on my bike forever and it's fine. Do you have examples to share? I've never heard of a PC causing a bike to fail. Maybe someone jumbled the numbers while "tuning"? But that wouldn't be the PC's fault.
  3. Very sorry to hear about this and a crazy coincidence on a personal level that I'll get into another time. Was just thinking of him the night before and will be for the foreseeable future. Godspeed to him and peace to his family and friends left behind. Sorry for your loss.
  4. Cogswell is correct, the RBR ($695!) is the only current offering. There's an old Power Commander version that will do it but good luck finding one.
  5. I have a PC3 on my 6th gen now, and I'm installing an 8th gen header. I am more recently considering going the Rapid Bike Racing route as it will be of more benefit if/when I strap the Torocharger on... will be in touch if I need a map, thank you.
  6. I forget if there is mapping available from the development phase? I may soon be in need of a PC3 map for this header/Remus slip on/air filter. Currently running the old CozyE map, but at long last getting into installing some of my hoarded parts.
  7. Ditching the 6th gen rear sub/seat/tail cowl/light/pass pegs/undertray etc and replacing with a 2lb subframe and a 1lb tail cowl and an led strip light will make a ridiculous difference in how the bike feels. There's got to be close to 40lb of difference there - the resulting forward weight bias is going to be very noticeable, and in a good way with regard to handling.
  8. It's House of Kolor PBC32 Tangelo Orange.
  9. No self-respecting "first world" job shop can compete with China. I'd make more money working a minimum wage job for a day than trying to make a handful of those for $17, and that's the sad truth. IF someone had an automated cnc and better programming software than I do (ie, someone who has invested $50k+), AND they got an order for hundreds of these, then it might be worthwhile. My plastic part is fine at almost 50k with aftermarket sprockets for most of its life, I wouldnt hesitate to buy another for 50k of use.
  10. Anyone else need a centerstand stop? I've got 3 total interested so far, unless I missed someone. I can do them for $50 each shipped in the lower 48, or $42 plus actual cost to points globally. I'll try to make a couple extra anyway, but times are tight so I can't sit on a bunch of inventory.
  11. Howdy. Do you still have a spare 500 motor? My friend's threw a rod. It's red/white/blue and I think the first or second year. Thanks!

  12. I'll see about getting another batch going. Looking into 5th gen fitment.
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