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  1. Go to NAPA, pick up a length of bulk fuel hose and a brass 90deg elbow of the correct size for said hose. SAE equivalent will be 1/4" or 5/16" for 6mm or 8mm hose, respectively. Couple extra hose clamps and you'll be good to go.
  2. Aftermarket VFR750 (90-97) radiator with custom brackets, on a 99 VFR800. Coupled with a larger aftermarket (air) oil cooler. No idea if it'll fit under fairings, of course...
  3. I believe he modified RC45 headers to fit. The 8th gen headers are modeled after the RC30 and 45, which both employed front mounted upper and lower radiators.
  4. I can hardly wait for the 8th gen version data to drop, very exciting!
  5. Ya know the one I did was a spare 6th gen... and we're talking 5th here. I will try to remember pics next week. I do have to do a 5th soon, will get pics of that one too but it's a little ways off.
  6. I totally agree with you re: good value as a replacement system. Also, I am thankful for the efforts made to obtain & provide info! All I meant with my comment was that the additional data point could have put the kibosh on any further speculation re: overall performance. I'm a sucker for data
  7. I really was hoping to see a before & after chart comparison, that would have sealed the deal.
  8. I'm looking for my pics, they're not in my photobucket album where I thought they should be...
  9. Sorry just saw this - I didn't use any OEM replacement parts, all new aftermarket.
  10. Nice one, have plans to do the same and was curious about the 8th gen headers fitting inside the 6g body side panels. Waiting for my TBR style header to be made, nice to have one question answered, thanks.
  11. Kudos for the effort men... Wow to the PCV dyno chart... yikes A question for clarity's sake - was the PC3 connected for Run File 14 or no?
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