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  1. Are you going to for VFRANON the global missing VFR Cabal conspiracy. Honda is behind it I just know it.
  2. Yes it was down, I had too many backup files piled up on the server and it ran out of space. Deleted a bunch of junk and restarted. Still dont know why it was piling up so much I have it set to delete old stuff. I ran out of time its my work week so I just got it up and running and will trouble shoot the backup thing later.
  3. After having met the fund drive for 2020 and the close of that awful year, there was about $600 or so left over from last years budget. I did not spend as much as I planned, since well ...we did not do much by way of meets, rallys, contests and the like. I owe that to the pandemic, and we just did not get together like we have in past years. So I am putting it forward for the future for safe keeping. I plan to upgrade to a new faster server soon, as this one has been a bit of a disappointment for me as admin, I have used every trick in the book and researched google articles, po
  4. HispanicSlammer


    I know exactly where that is, featured
  5. I have regional forums best suited for that.
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    Looks like Zion? Featured
  7. HispanicSlammer

    Colorado River

    I know exactly where this is, been on that arched bridge too. Featured
  8. Loose bearings often get noisy when you come to a stop while breaking, you can hear them slapping up and settling back down when brakes are applied and you stop.
  9. My bike would go wide when I rolled on the throttle out of the turn. I solved this by adding more rebound damping in the forks to prevent the forks from telescoping out once I unloaded them by adding more throttle. Replace the fork oil too if it's been a few years, same effect. Sounds like you are experiencing poor rebound damping. The 1200 is very front heavy too, so any throttle or breaking is amplified in the handling. Sounds like the dunlops might have a bigger diameter then your old tires. Back off some preload so the bike is not nose up.
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