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  1. Somebody here was making 3D printed ones too, can't remember who but it wasn't that long ago.
  2. Why not? The chock I use simply holds the wheel upright by gripping the tire on the bottom and front, the forks are still free to move on the axle to allow them to align.
  3. Ah, I park the bike in a front wheel chock in my garage, so I don't have to do anything to stop the wheel from moving. Thought there might be some mystery use for a wedge!
  4. All I can add is my axle is almost exactly the way it's pictured in the OP's post. SLIGHTLY inside the edge of the fork casting. Haven't had any problems!
  5. I'm the person that started the thread on the other forum. I had some concerns after having a shop mount new tires for me, and after looking at what's going on down there you can see the axle has a chamfered edge on the left that when tightened pushes all the moving parts together to the specified torque from the axle nut. All the pinch bolts do is fix the axle-wheel-spacer assembly to the fork. The bumping of the forks is to align the tubes at the bottom of the fork to help eliminate some stiction. So if you have some play, that would be normal given the minor tolerances in the sliders and bu
  6. Orientation doesn't matter on 8th gen, but does on 6th, so be careful.
  7. Grum is right again. Checked parts fiches, the 8th gen uses identical spacers left and right, got confused by 6th gen. Checked direction of wheel and tire, both are correct. Re-did everything, axle, torquing, bouncing forks, still the same space on left. When I blow up photo from Grum and compare it to mine, the gap is almost identical, so I'll have to say all is well!
  8. Just had tires changed by a local shop on my 8th gen. Noticed the left side spacer on the front has a small gap between it and the fork leg while the right side doesn't. Is this normal and acceptable? Did the re-alignment drill, but it had no effect on the gap.
  9. Wasn't trying to be harsh, just a correction. I find a shop rag sprayed with WD-40 works great on the wheels for removing most road and chain splatter. Also seems to leave an invisible film that makes it easier to get the junk off next time. Have to admit, never used it to clean a chain.
  10. False! https://www.motorcyclistonline.com/mc-garage-video-will-wd-40-destroy-your-motorcycle-chain-o-rings
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