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  1. Not real picture! , so what do say about this, its false also according to your logic?! But you do that, install according to picture and not the instructions in text. God i hope you dont work in ac mc-garage for a company!. I´ll rest my case. Have a nice day. Over and out.
  2. Yes, youre correct about this "8gen and 6gen are virtually the same in that tightening the axle bolt does take up any slack in the spacers!" The rest i dont read since it does not follow the manual regarding installation/fitting the axle in left forkleg. I suggest you do what YOU seem to be right and i will follow the manual. I urge others that install front wheel and axle , dont do as Grum and vfr78 says. Do it the right way as stated in manual. Install the side collars. Place the wheel between the fork legs. Carefully align the axle
  3. Install the side collars. Place the wheel between the fork legs. Carefully align the axle holes and insert the axle from the left side until it is flush with the fork leg. Hold the axle and tighten the axle bolt to the specified torque. TORQUE: 59 N·m (6.0 kgf·m, 44 lbMt) Tighten the right axle pinch bolt to the specified torque. TORQUE: 22 N·m (2.2 kgf·m, 16 lbMt) Make sure the collars [6] are installed in the fork leg. Install the brake calipers with new mounting bolts and tighten them to the specified torque. TORQUE: 45 N·m (4.6 kgf·m, 33 lbMt) With the front brake
  4. Well im from Sweden and not the best one in english.. So if the manaul says FLUSH to leg, you say skip it? What im trying to say is that i can lighly press forkleg more inwards to wheel so that the axle sticks out about 2-3 mm. And just to clerify, if i just lett it all fit by itself the my axle is also about 2 mm inside the leg.
  5. You went to your bike and took a picture?, you are very kind, thanks 🙂 Perhaps you can check if the forkleg is pushable more towars the wheel so that the axle sticks out of the leg a couple off mm?, thats the phenomena i have. Thanks
  6. Hi and thanks for picture, i see axle is not flush on your leg, according to manual it should be. From manual: With the front brake applied, pump the forks up and down several times to seat the axle and check the brake operation. Make sure the axle end is flush with the fork leg. Tighten the left axle pinch bolt to the specified torque.
  7. Hi and thanks, i did a search but found only 6th gen. "Tightening the axle nut should then take up any slack in the spacers" It does not work like that on 8th gen since the axle is not tightened in left leg exept the picnh bolt. , , , there is now screwing together of the legs with axle bolts.
  8. 8th Gen Hi, so i have a question about axle alignment on left forklegs outside. According to manual it says to make sure the axle is flush on left forklegs outside, sp before tighten that pinchbolt on forkleg i pushed the forkleg inwards to be flush. But i realized something, i can push the forkleg a little bit more inwards so the axle sticks out of forkleg about 3-4mm.... So i thought, if axle is flush outside forkleg then there must be a play between the wheel , side collars and forklegs.. Any thoughts on this ? If anyone are to mount the frontwheel can you please c
  9. my mileage is 72000 km on vfr800f 2014, and all is working well. My vfr is taking 4,5 liter in 100 km in speeds like 120-130 km´s per hour. It was more before, my brakes were dragging. Also noticed on rear break caliper if i tightened it down then there was brake drag, loosing the bolts about 2 turns the brakes stop dragging........
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