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  1. VideoGuy

    New Battery?

    Just wondering.... if the Lithium batteries require different chargers, how is it ok to use them in a bike with a "standard" charging system? Both are basically applying the same kind of charge, if you use a battery tender or other smart charger.
  2. VideoGuy


    Wasn't trying to be harsh, just a correction. I find a shop rag sprayed with WD-40 works great on the wheels for removing most road and chain splatter. Also seems to leave an invisible film that makes it easier to get the junk off next time. Have to admit, never used it to clean a chain.
  3. VideoGuy


    False! https://www.motorcyclistonline.com/mc-garage-video-will-wd-40-destroy-your-motorcycle-chain-o-rings
  4. Just looked in entire downloads section, nowhere to be found. Where else would it be?
  5. VideoGuy

    Seeking Paint Removal Advice

    Acetone is the thinner of choice for crazy glue, but can't say if it will harm finish on triple clamps. Try at your own risk!
  6. Want to elaborate? How would you do it? Any pix? Thanks.

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