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  1. Had almost same thing as previous poster, except I got a warning in the form of little chunks of rubber hitting my faceshield. After a couple of seconds I realized that wasn't gravel, saw the smoke start from the tractor trailer in the other lane about 30ft in front of me, changed lanes just in time to avoid a 4 foot chunk of tire take the space I was in seconds before. Sure at 70mph I wouldn't have made it. Then about a month later on the same stretch of highway, I was about 8 car lenghts behind a pickup towing a U-Haul, remembered the tire incident and moved two lanes over. Seconds later the trailer started to wobble, swish back and forth and flip over. Glad I wasn't behind it. Two things I avoid at all cost now.
  2. Thought I read here somewhere you only really needed to take off the left lower, not the right too. Am I crazy ?
  3. From what I found, designed and made in AU. Big sales pitch on e-bay.au. No personal experience.
  4. How are you changing the front on a standard 8th gen? New springs and gold valves?
  5. Yep, Motopumps has 3 heights. Lowest is same as Honda OEM, then tallest is 1.25 inches, which is what I did. Way more comfortable than stock with no handling penalty, at least on the street.
  6. Problem with lowering your seat is it makes your knees bend more than they do already. Unfortunately after knee replacement and back surgery, keeping the seat high and going with the tallest Motopumps was the best solution for me. May even get lower footpegs in the near future.
  7. Added the tall Motopumps risers to my '15 with no handling penalty at all, and a big comfort boost. Don't even need to change cables or hoses.
  8. Wasn't trying to be harsh, just a correction. I find a shop rag sprayed with WD-40 works great on the wheels for removing most road and chain splatter. Also seems to leave an invisible film that makes it easier to get the junk off next time. Have to admit, never used it to clean a chain.
  9. False! https://www.motorcyclistonline.com/mc-garage-video-will-wd-40-destroy-your-motorcycle-chain-o-rings
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