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  1. Tried parking my Honda Hawk GT650 in my studio apartment living room back in the 90's and was sorry I did so when I woke up the next few nights with a pounding headache....because of the gasoline fumes that came out of the gas tank vent (I bought the bike in WI, so no evap can) and filled the apartment. Cool having the bike where I could see it and fiddle with it so easy, but just not the healthiest/safest thing to do....
  2. A few heads should roll at Honda because of this problem with the drives haft on what was one of Honda ' s flagship bikes....... You'd think they would have gotten it right after producing so many shaft driven bikes for so many decades already. A very painful recall as Honda also had to convince VFR fans that shaft drive was the way to go with the 7th gen..... A few heads should roll at Honda because of this problem with the driveshaft on what was one of Honda ' s flagship bikes....... You'd think they would have gotten it right after producing so many shaft driven bikes for so many decades
  3. Doubt if Honda will share their faring CAD files for your bike but the thing is, it is much easier these days "build" a 3D CAD wire frame model of the fairings using present 3D scanning devices, so if you know an Engineer/designer that might have access to such equipment, you might be able to get CAD files for the fairings done for your budy to use.
  4. LED vehcle lighting technology is moving in leaps and bounds and many new designs had come up since this thread was started. Have you guys noticed the new LED "light tube" lens designs that car makers are now using for their DRL's and tail lights. Pretty good stuff with in most cases, just one or a couple of LED bulbs providing all the needed light that is usually even more intense/brighter then the older, multi LED designs. More efficient, less cost to replace and much better lighting performance than multiple LED designs. Definitely the way LED lighting evolution is going.... Hope to see s
  5. That looks fantastic! The wheel looks great but that that new cush drive assembly looks so exotic! I wish I had the skills and resources to do such mods...... It looks like a lot of work, but the product is worth it!
  6. I thought I saw a pic of a metal version (That will not wear out?) of that sensor driver thingy posted here recently.....
  7. Nice muffled support you made there! I wish I had the talent an tools to do the same. My solution on my bike is to just "shave" a right passenger peg bracket I bought off eBay: It was the quick, more affordable approach for me and I guess it worked out OK so far....
  8. True but the mechanical issue that causes excessive aeration is not a 100k spinning ball bearing... the problem relates to crankshaft speed at the rate of higher and higher RPMs... Isn't it that's why a lot of race engines are dry sumped??
  9. I'm not surprised that some people might mistake the flat or satin black painted diecast and welded together hydro-formed, frame elements on bikes today as plastic panels covering a more "conventional" frame under it, as many riders had gotten so used to seeing either clear anodized or silver painted frames on bikes for so many years. I always preferred the clear anodized brushed aluminum frames on bikes anyway. Maybe the whole black painted frame thing might be a fad that will eventually go away in a few years??
  10. I would think, at least with the carburated VFRs, without some sort of fuel metering compensation system to deal with the increase in air pressure/volume, would you be in danger of getting too lean a fuel mixture at higher speeds which could mean burned valves and such?? IIRC, the ram air on the carburated CBR 600's had some sort of balance tubes coming from near the ram air openings at the front of the bike and connected to the float bowls in some way to do this..... Which kinda makes doing ram air on 4th and earlier VFRs a not so simple thing to do, I think....
  11. That's weird of them not to bother lining up that pad leading edge to the tank front edge. If that's the right part for your VFR, then it might be just their using a "Gudenof" design approach to their products.....
  12. Beck

    Brake Rotor?

    Sure one can try it, but it's not an easy plug and play with just bigger diameter rotors. It will always come with a change in fork caliper hanger configuration to pull them out further from the axle centers.....which usually means people would just change out the whole front suspension and brakes to one from another bike that has the bigger diameter discs.....= lots of money and work to do so....
  13. I'm thinking that the big spirals rolled on to those case bolts in your pics, have some sort of effect on how the bolt stretches when torqued to spec??
  14. Don't these 3D printers have some sort of limit in terms of printing scale/area/field. Wouldn't bigger sized objects need a format as big as a "plotter" where the printing feild and scale would be bigger....so it's not like one can already print things like fairing panels these days, unless you have access to a very expensive commercial version of the 3D printer, which I suspect is only affordable to big companies with big R&D departments presently...... I suspect that the printing materials/media most cost a lot of money too, and you cannot just run to your local Office Depot to get "refi
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