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  1. I'm at about 10k km or 6k mi...so far so good
  2. Agree, i went -1+2 on a 520 setup on my 6g and its a noticeable difference. Chain was due anyway so it was a necessary replacement item... sprocketcenter pricing was fair and shipping was reasonable to Canadia
  3. Watch and wait for used Corbin. I've done that for my Ninja500 and my 02 VFR. Paid $250 for both, years apart, in like-new condition. Deals are out there if you have patience... I've seen Sargeant and Corbin used in great shape this year for <$300 online... my 2c (I'm cheap :D )
  4. You guys are so good... looking forward to OP confirming which option it is, but i bet you've nailed it I had the washer/hose-holder "ring" snap off last year... glad I went to Honda and replaced. My first thought was just to remove it, I wasn't worried about the brake lines moving... but I would not have even considered bolt length & threading and the potential of not having enough clamping pressure without it
  5. I feel like someone just ordered the frankebolts for their 5g in a recent thread... have you searched? I'm sure someone posted about them still being available sometime in the past month or so (i bought a 5g in August so i've been tuned in a little more to those threads than just 6g)
  6. Not trying to hijack the thread, but I'm about to start digging into the non-running 99 i bought... Danno would that exact noid light work on a 5th gen and a 6th gen ?
  7. Can you see a piece of it sheared off in the hole? Shine a light and look for a matching sheared end to the bolt?
  8. Please do post some pics of the front sprocket area once uncovered so we can see if the chain did any damage... really good that you are OK, that could have been scary with a chain on the fly...
  9. Abnormal. Check your chain & sprockets. Check your tires for uneven wear, and pressure. The sound you mention, it could be the CCT failing (look up vids for sound to compare). But if it slows when you pull the clutch, it is more likely just a noisy clutch which isn't unusual on these bikes particularly as yours is now 15+ years old. Busylittleshop posted the fix for that, I think it was to replace the circular bearing that sits in the clutch plate and a surrounding piece... search should help you find it I'm sure others will chime in... my 6g rides very smooth up to and over 100km/h, but I can't speak to 140km/h+. My clutch makes noise at idle, but when I pull in the lever, the noise is silent - I live with it for now. Replaced the front CCT a year ago which quieted the clacking on idle, no issues since.
  10. My 6g probably only goes to 60, not near as flat as Grum's Thats a great idea for the bags to lay flat like that. I bought mine secondhand though and they had been re painted so its possible the retaining straps aren't in their original state
  11. No offense to all of us, but this site is becoming more for old farts daily 🙂 can't believe i'm coming up on a decade of VFR-ownership, and I've made my 40's... pics of the new ride?
  12. Looks great... I think the exhaust suits it well. Let us know what you think about the sound while riding!
  13. Nice 3g... my 2c is she isn't riding it. the 3 throttle rolls at the end before shutting it off are kinda like.... wuuut?
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