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  1. Have parked right there in the shade on many a hot summer day. Spring and fall we usually just park on Push at the stop sign. Funny but I do vaguely remember the brief passing....tis very rare indeed.
  2. Yes, detaching the cable is easy. Just have a look under the seat. My seat has always been hard to remove as well. If you push down on the pillion area the latch will unlock easier. Then it is a technique to slide seat forward, or back, before you lift. Regarding best mods, for me it is suspension. I ride pretty hard 2 up so the stock stuff just wouldn't cut it. Speaking of stock , the slick seat wouldn't cut it either as pillion kept sliding around. The Guhl flash is nice but was not really necessary. It gave me back 1st and 2nd on the gear indicator compared to the Z-bomb. Cat delete saves a bunch of weight, less heat and is easy for a muffler shop to remove. Oh...another advantage of the Guhl reflash is they can program in a map that should work with the cat delete, your selected can, air filter, etc.
  3. Awesome video. Many people wonder how to complete this task. Thanx for posting. Just FYI...I took my panniers to the local locksmith and he rekeyed the locks to match my ignition key for only $5 per side. So for those who aren't mechanically inclined, check with your locksmith as they may can affordably save you some time and headache.
  4. I have a vfr1200 and also had a Miata. Was much faster through the corners with the VFR. It is not that the car couldn't corner, it handled quite well actually. I believe it was the fact that the car would sling you from side to side in the seat where the bike is nice and smooth through the corners. Also, my passenger did not like going fast in the Miata but loves cornering on the bike. That probably didn't help the situation any. However, during the summer, it was nice when we got back from a hot ride to dump all of the riding gear, put on shorts, flops and a t shirt and head out for a jaunt with the top down.
  5. It is simple to do and costs nothing so just unhook the cable. If you like it great, if not just hook it back up. I replaced my exhaust but if you want to save some coin I have seen some of the stock exhausts painted black and they look pretty good. Disconnecting the cable and paint may could be a low cost option for ya.
  6. We have walked the property and we enjoyed it. The waterfall is really pretty. Wish I had a spare Million to purchase the place!
  7. Hello...is this thing on?! Can you hear me now?
  8. why would you want to incur such effort and expense?
  9. On prior bikes I have used the symtec system that you place 'under' your stock grips. They have always worked fine and only cost about $40. Cold weather is coming and mama bought me some heated grips for my birthday. They are the oxford sport grips and were only $49.95 shipped from revzilla. For only $50 bucks...a very nice setup. Much cleaner install than the symtec and a nice controller with mounting bracket is included. If you are considering heated grips...check them out!
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