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  1. gloryracing

    Lowering the 1200?

    Low seat and run a 190/50 instead of the 55. I suspect that would get you over an inch.
  2. gloryracing

    Top box info ?

    I have a 2010 with the 45 liter top box. It works great but I simply do not need that much storage most of time. However I do need a backrest for the passenger so am looking for a small top box that I can easily switch out with the 45 liter box. Can anyone share how I can determine which boxes will match up with the OEM mounting rack for the 45 litre box?
  3. gloryracing

    Shipping VFR1200f - tie down points

    Canyon dancers will work fine. The Heli bars only have one allen bolt securing them to the tubes. Make sure they are appropriately torqued. For a trip across the country by a third party, If possible I would do both CD's and secure from the lower triple tree.
  4. gloryracing

    Hog tie 5.5

    We have walked the property and we enjoyed it. The waterfall is really pretty. Wish I had a spare Million to purchase the place!
  5. gloryracing

    Hog tie 5.5

    Hello...is this thing on?! Can you hear me now?
  6. gloryracing


    Most 'riders' understand and get it. For example, right now I have a stack of 14 tires in the garage (4 new metzelers, 4 new b'stones and 6 takeoffs). Gonna order 4 more b'stones before the month is out. A repairman was driving down the street, noticed the stack and stopped to chat. He stated he was a rider, noticed the stack and was just wondering why I had so many tires. I told him I buy when manufacturer rebates are offered and I only get about 1,000-2,000 miles per set. He chuckled and said, "no really?"
  7. gloryracing


    Glad I could be of assistance. ;-) Just fyi...people suspect bullsh!t when I suggest I only get 1,000-2,000 miles to a set of sport touring tires.
  8. gloryracing


    Study was funded by Metzeler...jus sayin!
  9. gloryracing

    Vfr 1200 Camms And High Compression Pistons

    why would you want to incur such effort and expense?
  10. gloryracing

    Oxford Heated Grips

    On prior bikes I have used the symtec system that you place 'under' your stock grips. They have always worked fine and only cost about $40. Cold weather is coming and mama bought me some heated grips for my birthday. They are the oxford sport grips and were only $49.95 shipped from revzilla. For only $50 bucks...a very nice setup. Much cleaner install than the symtec and a nice controller with mounting bracket is included. If you are considering heated grips...check them out!
  11. gloryracing



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