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  1. Have used sticky strings MANY times over the years. Plug it and run tire to cords...plug and play.
  2. Repost in the 7th gen section. Regarding the rear suspension issue, it is the seizing of the adjuster...which you are addressing. I simply upgraded with a Penske on the first and an Ohlins on the second. Also, the fork suspension is undersprung. So upgrades to suspension can produce good results.
  3. Unfortunately this is an interesting thread. Shame you have to work so hard to solve the buffeting problem. I can not really understand the shape and location of the fork windscreen you have fabricated. I would gladly experiment/test if I had a better understanding.
  4. Looks like a good time was had. We sure have enjoyed the roads and company when we were fortunate enough to participate. Thanx for sharing.
  5. Although much fancy expensive equipment is being used, it appears forecasters usually have no clue and are simply guessing. "They" forecasted 70-90% chance of rain for Friday and Saturday. We rode most of the day each day and not a drop of actual rain. Hope yall got some good riding in as well. Moral: Don't miss a ride due to forecasts. Show up and ride if possible and enjoy the company.
  6. Folks are starting to arrive here in AR for our ride. Unfortunately so is the possible rainy weather. Hope we all can get some good riding weather this week/weekend.
  7. gloryracing

    Old Tires

    A 10 year old tire can actually be in better condition than a 1 year old tire. It all depends on how the tire has been stored and if oxidation has allowed oils to escape. If the handling is good and no slipping then they are ok. However as you put them through heat cycles they may get hard so pay attention. If you do not put on a lot of miles and change tires often...just put on a new set and enjoy. Wow...I couldn't afford to ride if it cost $350 for a set of tires to be installed.
  8. Good info. I wish he would have included the first gear hypertex material. I have used it for many years and it has performed very well so don't "need" the info but it would have been good to see how it compared to expensive goretex.
  9. Any good glass shop should be able to cut down the shield and polish the edges. They simply cut them with a jig saw so you could actually cut it yourself and then ask the shop to use their belt polisher to smooth the edges. They might just polish the edges for free as well if you catch them at the right time and/or they ride.
  10. Adding bar risers that move them an inch or so (up, down, back, whatever) is not going to effect the handling of the bike. If it makes the rider a bit more comfortable the 'handling' will actually be improved. I have added risers to almost all of my street rides over the years with no ill effects.
  11. The GT's, A spec or whatever the particular manufacturer uses for designation is simply an additional belt in the sidewall. It has nothing to do with tread belts. The additional belt stiffens the sidewall which reduces flex and heat generation on heavier bikes.
  12. It is not a double bubble but similar shape as stock... but taller. Zero Gravity has several different styles/heights for the vfr1200. Give em a look to see if any appeal to ya. Also they can show up on ebay at discounts
  13. Congrats and welcome. The vfr1200 can be a great base to build a very nice ride. If it fits your needs it is a lotta bike for the money. With the suspension sorted and an ecu flash it is a hoot. Enjoy!
  14. I am hosting an FZ1 event here at home that weekend. Shame we can't be at two places at one time. Well probably not as I couldn't afford the tire expense anyway. Y'all behave, have fun and ride smart.
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