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  1. eastbowl2


    Hauling butt! Nice.
  2. I don't think it's a silly question at all. If I had bought mine used and I heard it, it might have given me pause as well. Hope you enjoy it!
  3. Same here. 10 years and 120,000km later and I still say it. I turned down my wife's suggestion earlier this week that I should look at a new bike b/c maybe prices will be better. Never gave it a second thought.
  4. Mine is non-DCT, but it'll clatter if I am at walking speed (or jogging) and coasting at neutral throttle, just as Tamworth described in that quote. It's not a big issue for me but my only in-town riding is to get the hell out.
  5. Forgot to answer the question regarding peg lowering. I got a set from Knight Designs. Lowers it about an inch and is perfect for me. http://www.knightdesignllc.com/Products/Motorcycle/Honda/VFR1200/Honda-VFR1200F-Menu.html And regarding the hot feet: yep, that's normal. Where I live it's mostly a good thing. On real hot days, I'm sweltering anyway so I don't find it adds to the heat much. On cold days/mornings, it is **cking awesome! 😉 I know that's not an issue where you are now, but honestly, for guys that ride in cooler weather, this is actually a huge benefit. I've ridden in 2 degree celcius weather for 12 hour day trips (with electric jacket) and I'm fine. But if my feet were not heated by the bike, there is no chance I'm out there for that long. None. Ok, off topic...
  6. Re: the exhaust flapper. Another option is to simply disconnect the wire that goes from the motor to the exhaust. You can disconnect it at the motor (located in the right-side panel under the seat). That way, the motor still works but it does not move the flapper, and the flapper remains open b/c that is it's default position. The ECU doesn't know that you've disconnected the motor from the exhaust, so no error lights are thrown. I used mine that way for 9 years before throwing an aftermarket exhaust on.
  7. I have my original. PM me with an offer. BTW, I'm riding that Corbin seat and I agree, for the first YEAR or so it was too high at the front (which is where I sit) but I pounded it into submission and now it's good.
  8. +1 on this. Easy to miss. (edit: oops..... didn't realize this was last fall 🙂 )
  9. For me, Michelin Pilot Roads can't be beat. The latest - Road 5 - is the best so far. Great grip, and wears really nicely. I've got a long ride to any good roads, and these tires stay pretty round (amazingly round) right to the end. I've gone through about 11 sets on this bike, and the other one I've tried on this bike (Dunlop Roadsmarts 3) don't compare (for me).
  10. Bummer to hear that... both your lost bar end and that Throttlemeister is out of business!! I love mine and am going to check the tightness of bolts right now!
  11. Sweet looking bike. And a great shot.
  12. That's a really nice shot.
  13. That was a great ride report! Very enjoyable. I had a very similar incident at a gas station when I was traveling out west too, not too far from where yours was. I was in North Platte, Nebraska, after a long, cold day in the rain. Stupid new Sidi boots (which were tossed after the trip for this reason), had incredibly slippy soles in the wet and I dumped it putting it on the centerstand at the gas station and busted the mirror (and punched a small hole in the side bag). My fix was just like yours (except with a pink and yellow highlighter!). Fun times. Sounds like you had an awesome trip and right now I am very jealous. (I realize your trip was in September, as I didn't see this at the time.)
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