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  1. That's a really nice shot.
  2. That was a great ride report! Very enjoyable. I had a very similar incident at a gas station when I was traveling out west too, not too far from where yours was. I was in North Platte, Nebraska, after a long, cold day in the rain. Stupid new Sidi boots (which were tossed after the trip for this reason), had incredibly slippy soles in the wet and I dumped it putting it on the centerstand at the gas station and busted the mirror (and punched a small hole in the side bag). My fix was just like yours (except with a pink and yellow highlighter!). Fun times. Sounds like you had an awesome trip and right now I am very jealous. (I realize your trip was in September, as I didn't see this at the time.)
  3. Nice looking bike. 🙂
  4. eastbowl2


    Thanks! Italian Alps. Somewhere not far south of Dobbiaco if I remember correctly (and from looking at my map). Probably the most smiles I had in any one day of riding, period. 14 mountain passes and each was as beautiful as the last.
  5. Hi eastbowl2, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  6. There is nothing in the service manual indicating any electronic involvement - not that I can see. Agree on how good they are!
  7. Bought mine within minutes of discovering this thread. Fantastic product. Been wanting a cruise control since forever but was not satisfied with what was out there. This unit is the real deal. Just got got back from a 3 day, 2100km trip to the Adirondacks and could not be happier. A bit of slab to get to NY was actually quite bearable, and using it between the twistys gives the hand a nice rest. Well done Prez.
  8. Regatillo: The connectors are indeed buried behind the frame. It's a very tight fit to get your fingers in there. The good news is the connectors are attached to the frame with a removable bracket, so first unhook the bracket - this will allow the connectors to move and make it much easier to disconnect them (I didn't figure that out until busting my knuckles for a hour..) Good luck.
  9. Amazing work. Of course, not knowing anything about such work, my opinion is worth little. But if I was I pro, I bet I'd still be impressed.
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