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  1. RichVee4

    April Ride

    Hard to beat a spring ride on the CA coast!
  2. RichVee4

    Monument Valley

    Was seeing faint spots in the sky and thought my screen was dirty but realized you captured the stars. Interesting exposure, with the stars and clouds. Surprised how much light you picked up with the scenery and dosent look grainy. That is one straight road!
  3. RichVee4


    Makes me yearn for the open road. Definitely some amazing shots there, clouds are crazy in this shot. Do you have a 6th gen now?
  4. RichVee4

    January Ride

    Starting to look like spring there. Makes me want to get the bikes out even more.
  5. RichVee4

    83 VF750

    Very nice!! The bike cleaned up well.
  6. RichVee4


    Good memories. Looking forward to spring even more!
  7. RichVee4


    Good to hear you had a great time at the track. Looked like the perfect day.
  8. RichVee4

    Tahoe Nov 2015

    You picked a good day in Nov to head to Tahoe. I see a little snow on the shoulder behind the bike, more skiers than mc's up there now. I'm in Reno so if you ever want to meet up for a ride send me a msg.
  9. RichVee4

    IMG 6106

    Really like that shot. Brings back fond memories of my first bike a VF500,
  10. You got some great pics and looks like a fun ride. I will have to check it out sometime. Exploring the Rockies are on my to do list.
  11. RichVee4


    Very fitting you got the feature pic of the day on your B-Day. Have a great day and looking forward to next years riding season.
  12. RichVee4

    First Time On The Track

    I thought that bike looked familiar. Looking good!
  13. RichVee4


    Hope my VFR is looking that good at 100000+ miles!
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