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  1. LoopRider

    Local Loops 2

    The Kawhia Harbour - Waitomo L oop. 127 kms of 2nd and 3rd gear corners.
  2. Most weekends, looking out, searching for those Hobbits MaxSwell. As soon as we see one ...
  3. LoopRider

    Local Loops 1

    Pictures of places worth riding from home.
  4. I have the early model, says the tank can take 18.5 litres. I can get close to that without having run dry, 17.9 the most I put in once. Touring, solo, full panniers and top box. Gets 280-290 km if I leave it that long. I normally fill up around 250-270. Just seems to be when everyone else is stopping or where a logical gas station is. Rare in NZ to have a stretch longer than that without a fuel station on the route.
  5. A good wash with fresh water will be required. This guy is in the same vein as Burt Munro as far as I am concerned, just getting out there and doing it.
  6. Saw this at the beach racing. He came 7th against KTM and Kawasaki dirt bikes. Uber cool if you are into old VFRs. It is a 1988 with a GPZ front wheel, otherwise pretty stock, albeit minus some gear.
  7. ... And I am not sure this is a fake weld ... Looks and feels real ...
  8. Here is a frame that I never tire of ... nothing cheesy or fake here ...
  9. At 11:43 pm pushed the 'buy' button ...
  10. LoopRider

    Home unscathed

    The tag says build date 5/89. The seller claims Honda New Zealand received a diverted shipment originally intended for Great Britain. Makes sense as speedo in both miles and kms. The red colour is very red compared to my 1200. Gets noticed. Non bike people cannot believe its a 25 year old model.
  11. Thanks Parksey, a great article, I have not done all the "almosts" of the author but he is spot on. The Lindis Pass for example .... "The blat out of Omarama took me through the imposing Lindis Range along the very twisty Interstate 8, cutting through the towering rockscape like a black snake, twisting back on itself, dropping down, climbing up, all in second and third gear." Whilst it is rare to see Hobbits, you will always find a good road!
  12. ... the roads are lying idle, just waiting for you ...
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