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  1. Anybody looking for OEM rear shock for 2012 VFR1200F? I have one that is clean, preload adjuster works well. New Brunswick, Canada. Contact for more info

    Rear shock 2012 VFR1200F

    Picture of rear shock for 2012 VFR1200F


    3 Pics of VFR800 Luggage with no key set
  4. I just finished altering a stock 2007 VTEC ABS shock with a 1092-69/170 (971 lb) Ohlins spring. I believe it is a tad longer than the OEM spring so comes with more preload.
  5. I went with the 17/43 due to the high amount of highway mileage I do. An added bonus is that with this ratio, the bikes speedo is now spot on with a GPS. There is enough grunt in first gear me, not being a squid, and a lower gear and revs will make up for the gearing.
  6. Yes, that might be the way to go, black. I see Dutchy in the previous photos. Looks good.
  7. I got his a few years ago from Thurn. Adds a little uniqueness. Just looking at this picture and I should strip the paint off the spokes flat part!!!
  8. Ok, will do. Mine are the silver color, I think from the 03. I got them at a local dealer for $600 when I had my 02 VFR

  9. I have been half looking for a 550 myself, currently using an older GPS V. Where did you get it for that price in Canada??? Even Costco wants over $300 CDN.


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