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  1. Thanks for clearing that up! I apologize if I presented any misinformation. I'm just glad I finally got them in my hands... Thank you for your product and expertise Marc!
  2. Wow! That bike just keeps getting better and better...
  3. ...also includes a new detent arm with roller bearings instead of factory bushing. Link to website if interested, I have no affiliation with the site or products... http://www.factorypro.com/
  4. Factory Pro EVO Shift Star Kits Available Again!!! I have been waiting for one that I purchased at a discount price from MotoPartsHub for more than 5 months because they were on back order. I finally bit the bullet and ordered one in April directly from Marc S. at Factory Pro (innovator behind the product) at full price. I guess this was the tipping point so he went ahead and commissioned the machine shop to made another run of these SHFT-EVO-H91 kits for the VFR800 '98-'05 & interestingly enough, the '94 RC45. I have talked with Marc personally and he is a GREAT guy... wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to deal with. Wanted to give anyone interested in these a heads up because they have been unobtanium for a little while... I received my new run shift star kit from Marc last week and the MotoPartsHub one arrived today... now I have one for the street and one for the track! :cheerleader:
  5. Rush2112


    I see a GoPro!
  6. Rush2112

    Napa Sunset

    Gorgeous Shot! Love it, nicely composed!
  7. Careful, you don't want to crash the internet...Both builds came out awesome. You guys have tremendous talent! H&LL Yeah!! Brothers... You all have got skills and do us proud!!!
  8. Rush2112


    That's just my fancy bank angle sensor... it sends an audible & tactile signal to my traction control ;)
  9. Rush2112


    No low side... it was a GREAT day on the Dragon! Mid-week run straight through from NC to TN with no one in front of me. Passed a Harley parade on 28 on the way up and dove right in on the Dragon... ... I fell down and went boom the next day on a different road ;)
  10. From the album: Travel Shots

    Start of Cherohala
  11. Rush2112


    From the album: Travel Shots

    Killboy shot mid-turn
  12. Rush2112


    From the album: Travel Shots

    Killboy shot mid-turn
  13. Rush2112


    From the album: Travel Shots

    Start of sparkles
  14. Rush2112


    From the album: Travel Shots

    Exiting with sparkles
  15. Rush2112

    The Blue Meanie

    SWEET!!! I know that bike... it sounds great too!
  16. Rush2112

    20150527 173100

    From the album: Travel Shots

    Shot from Dragon overlook down to Fontana Dam
  17. Rush2112

    20150528 223235

    From the album: Travel Shots

    Stupid, stupid, stupid...
  18. Rush2112

    IMG 4467

    From the album: Travel Shots

    Rush2112, Twitte, Gig, VFRAustin
  19. http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/80640-yoshi-style-velocity-stacks/page-3
  20. Rush2112


    I see... but I don't see. I think I love it... minimalist rear, I think a reduction up front would balance it perfectly...
  21. Hi Phil, so how's the 825 going ? Wil you get it dyno run now you have a good module ? Here's my latest. image.jpg I'm fairly certain if I had my missing 300 RPM then it would have hit the magic 120hp I was aiming for ! Be good to see the difference the big bore makes. Soooo close... my eye extends it out the last 300 rpms and I think you make it! Is that with the Yoshi style stacks? Torque curve looks silky smooth and quite tasty!
  22. How many miles have you racked up? Any issues?
  23. Rush2112


    Awesome pic! Something old, something new... ... and a nice cold Coca-Cola in a bottle!
  24. My 5th gen with Iridium plugs are still working fine... I used 2008 CBR1K COPS... I know not 4th gen, but...
  25. Rice, Use an RC51 upper triple, and you can drill the top for your aftermarket bar clamps.Same spacing between 929/954 and RC51, so it slips right on. And it's flat on top. doesn't it have to be either the SP1 or SP2? I thought there was a difference in the steering stem diameter... or something that made the two versions slightly different.
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