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  1. Thanks for the update Keith! I was actually just thinking about Rich a few days ago. Looks like I'm going to have to do a Mary's Peak ride this summer.
  2. There's no real performance advantage to the 1100XX shock. It's a tad longer at 320mm, so that would be nice. Besides that, you would need to upgrade the valving in the XX shock at minimum in order to see any improvement. Since the 6th gens use a 315mm long shock you are kind of out of luck when it comes to options. I put a blackbird shock on my 6th Gen and it's was pretty much the way Jamie describes it. It was nice that it was a tad longer, and it was nice that the spring was a tad bit stiffer. Otherwise, it was the same POS crap shock that the OEM 6th Gen has. I eventually upgraded to a full Elka shock, so I sold the shock to Silver788. He found that the shock was a nice improvement for his 5th Gen since the Blackbird shock with its stiffer spring supports his weight better than the stock VFR shock.
  3. What's up snowman?

  4. Tim knows that. He's just trying to be funny. Try harder next time, Tim... :dry: Ha ha ha, that's funny stuff right there! BTW, the bike looks good Loni!
  5. Philomath, OR is 95 miles from the WA/OR border I-5. Mary's Peak is another 20 miles past Philomath. If you're trying to make good time, I'd suggest slabbing it down I-5 from Seattle.
  6. You should be cruising on the balls of your feet. You should not have your heels on the pegs. There isnt really an adjustment for the brake pedal. You could adjust the master cylinder and brake switch but you would just be compensating for poor foot placement. I have big feet as well. Actually, there's quite of bit of adjustment in the rear brake pedal. Many of us who've gone with lower foot pegs (Buell or BLS blocks) have had to lower the pedal. :idea3: Gunzer, check out these post for instructions on how to adjust your brake pedal. http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.p...mp;#entry215329 <sarcasim>That's news to me about cruising on the balls of my feet. Guess I've been doing it wrong for the last 40k miles. </sarcasim> Seriously though, he can put his foot anywhere he wants if he just out cruising. If he's out in the twisties, then yes, definitely get those feet up! :blink:
  7. I will see you at the cafe at for lunch. Portlanders, we should probably leave around 9:15 if we want to get there in time for lunch at 11:00.
  8. Yeah, you could of at least picked up the place before you took pictures of your filthy floor... :blink:
  9. There's no need to remove the tank completely. Just have to prop it up. Taking the air box off the bike is pretty straight-forward. The only hard part is getting the MAP sensor unpluged underneath the airbox.
  10. Motorcycle are excempt from DEQ testing in the Oregon. The only reason you would need to take a bike down to a DEQ testing center is to get the VIN inspected, but you can have that done at the DMV when you're getting plates for it.
  11. Darth Bling

    Side view

    Looks good. Nice Yamaha front end.
  12. Cool. Pictural insturctions are the best. :warranty: I do wonder though why he removed the metal screen just to reinstall it later. I'd probably just skip that step and leave the metal screen in place. I may have to do something similar to this soon.
  13. Kuryakin makse a nice looking voltmeter: http://www.kuryakyn.com/products.asp?bn=harley&ci=2695 Some pics of it installed on my bike: In has a light sensor built, so it brighter in the daylight but dims enough at night not to blind you.
  14. Ha ha ha. I was just over at Tim's place this evening visiting and I made some off hand comment that he should machine the clamps out of magnesium.
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