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  1. Good to hear from you Keith. It's really special looking at the picture that V-Fore posted of your garage and daydreaming about the magic of that meet at your place. I often think about that weekend. It seems so distant sometimes but I remember so many little details and It's been too long since I've been up to see Rich. I definitely need to make time to visit this summer. Cheers, -T
  2. Happy holidays you crazy 'mercan. See you next summer. I'll be passing through your neck of the woods - guaranteed.

  3. I just measured and modelled a set of bases for Magellan before I set off for the Summit Meet. Definitely a P.I.T.A. as the arm's base shape doesn't use what I'd call "normal" geometry. The arcs on the base are spiral curves (constantly changing radius). I think Magellan will be sending off the .DXF files to his CNC machinist this week to get a set knocked out. Hopefully we can nail the design (correct angles and such) on the first try. Cheers, -T
  4. Great to hear that you are still attending the Summit. Can't wait to meet the man that created the RCBVFR and will create the RCBVFR Version 2.0. Cheers, -T
  5. Super glad to hear you're ok! Most people haven't had the luck of walking away from a 75 mph crash on the road. Too much stuff usually gets in the way! As for the bike: if anybody can fix it, you can. As for the Summit Meet: I can totally understand why you wouldn't attend but I sure hope you do! Take care, -T
  6. You're wrong. I do have the necessary skilz to go slow on a racebike. So, uh, there!

  7. I wouldn't call having a "proper" race bike in the garage owning it. It's merely a transient dream! Besides, having the bike and having the skillz are two separate issues!

  8. I may be slow, but at least I now own a proper race bike to go slow on...

  9. You're slow. You know you're slow. ADMIT IT!!!

  10. Your posts are like emotional vomit. Can't you just calm down, ya sick fuck?


  11. What's up snowman?

  12. SNFU and Battalion of Saints Rock!!! Hope you're doin' well!

  13. Here's your comment: When you gonna buy me a beer? Or do I owe you one? I can't keep track!

  14. Oh Ancient Mariner where are you?

  15. I know where you ride! There is no escape. You will assimilate!

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