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  1. huskysooner

    2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Made it home last night at 11:15 pm, rattling clutch and all, after parting ways with panamawing and Lee2002. Thanks to Tony for allowing me to register late and for organizing a super event. This was my first big VFRD ride, and I had an absolute blast! I don't think I've ever met a nicer group of people.
  2. huskysooner

    2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Just to make things more complicated, I'm a late addition (riding up with Lee 2002) and am looking to split a room if possible. I figured I would check here before calling and getting a room on my own.
  3. huskysooner

    Givi Wingrack

    I wish you luck! At least here in the US, the 3rd-gen stuff (mounts) seem to be in the realm of unobtainium.
  4. huskysooner

    2013 07 18 12.33.07

    There's also a Burger Stand (the original one) in Lawrence, but they're pretty much equivalent, as far as I can tell. Lee's a good tour guide.
  5. huskysooner

    VFR SF 1

    I've always thought the VFR makes a lousy naked bike/streetfighter, but this is stunning! Well done.
  6. huskysooner

    New Paint and New Badges

  7. huskysooner


  8. huskysooner


    Love the white!
  9. huskysooner


    Hey, I know that dude!
  10. huskysooner

    100 2598

    Oh, wow.. so pristine!
  11. huskysooner


    Yeah, I see it now.
  12. huskysooner


    This is awesome. Did you remove the big, ugly, heavy exhaust collector?
  13. huskysooner


    Love the exhaust.
  14. huskysooner


    Like it!
  15. huskysooner


    I'm very envious of the tailbag. The 3rd-Gen wingrack is pretty much unobtanium, right?

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