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    SF and I were texting one another on Monday while he was meeting with Wade. Looks like he’s moving forward ordering the parts and pieces. Since SF was the one who last spoke with Wade, I’ll let him give the details as far as timelines and such. Note that his and my work schedules are pretty full, so updates may be late evening or near end of the week. If not for having to wait for my client to show up, I’d probably not be lurking here right now. End of year always seems to through a wrench in the works but we’re looking good here now!
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    Yeah, with the active noise canceling I couldn’t hear the engine. I would have to look at the tach to see if it was running. I thumbed the starter button on a few different occasions thinking the engine was off. My ear buds did a great job canceling engine noise... too good a job in my opinion. I need that engine feedback when I’m carving twisties to know where I’m at in the power band. I wish they were able to cancel wind noise as well but they don’t. They aren’t able to produce all the out of phase frequencies to effectively cancel out wind noise. Now I wear my custom molded earplugs I got at TMAC and get the best of both worlds. I hear everything I want to hear but appropriately attenuated to protect what hearing I have left.
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    Hey guys Back on the RapidBike Racing and the Gen 8 VFR. Here is the RB Application table showing the Gen 8 does use the single 12mm narrow band O2 as long as you buy the correct kit and wiring loom. I've highlighted the parts in question. Cheers Phil PS. The new Gen 8 headers on my modded Gen6/5 are working really well after I added 2 18mm bungs to support the factory narrow bands. The RB MyTuningBike unit is working really well and the power is much more spread compared to my home built system, based on the Shark RC45 system, I've been running for the past years. Good investment all rounds. Phil
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    I recognize that spot, it's one of my favourite parts of PCH. Starting southbound from Garberville or northbound form Fort Bragg makes for a great morning's ride.
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