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    I hope you are wrong with this but this is really what I fear too. I do have someone interested in buying it as a donor bike. He wants to marry up his front end 4th or 5th gen with my rear 6th gen. It has been done quite successfully with someone here I think. He is a member over at VFRW and I have seen the bike he did. A fabulous job he did with that. He put a lot of work into it though.
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    Cant't you tell that's a bad design by just looking at it? I recommend R&G Racing for crash protection. https://www.rg-racing.com/browsebike/Honda/VFR800F/2015/
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    *****2019 VFRD MEMORIAL SPRING RIDE**** May 2-5, Microtel Inn Franklin NC 828-349-9000 Rates M-Th $69, Fri-Sun $89 +tax Event cost -$55, beverage, shirt, dinner & fun included. VFRD Eventbrite page will be set up for you to sign up and pay. This year plan to contribute to the swag. Any questions contact Bob Ealy or Benjamin Ealy.
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    Wow Ron Ayers has the gasket for $10usd And the stator for $197usd Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Yes, Like I mentioned already, riding is still in. It is not the ankle. That is coming along slowly. Still hurts to walk a bit but I have been riding the MC and the bicycle, almost the instant the cast came off beginning of December. The issue is a hip replacement. If get that done, there will be no riding of a VFR or my bicycle for a year post op because of the ergonomics. Can't flex the hips beyond 90* for a year. And I am not about to get a cruiser type bike, unless I could convince the wife to ride with me, in which case, I would go out and get myself a nice new Gold Wing. But she has made it perfectly clear to me, she will not get on the bike with me. Wonder just what she is meaning here. On the positive side of things, I will be riding lots. Another thing, the bike was damaged during the crash in Mexico, but it is all cosmetic. I was going to do some work on it this winter and spring, but after the crash, decided the money spent is not worth the value of the bike. It has 218,000 km on it now and I don't think it is worth me spending a lot of money on it. Who knows when it will give up the ghost. So. I will just ride it and fix only as needed until I have the cash for a new or near new 2015 VFR Deluxe c/w all the factory cases. White of course. There might be a used one available in the spring in Kelowna I am told. Will keep an eye on that,
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    I will be riding this summer. Through this winter and so long as I can. I have decided I am not going for the surgery until such time as walking is too painful to tolerate That could be never. But if I do decide to get the thing fixed, for sure it will be with another surgeon. I can't stand this arrogant self praising Torontonian. He is a pompus ass and I don't have the confidence in him anymore.
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    You are correct, my mistake. If the risers were rotated 180° the centre of the handlebar would still be behind the ignition switch. Interference with the fork tops may be an issue, as you noted earlier.
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    I have had the bike fall over twice, once rolled off the stand and 2nd time I put my foot down in oil both times the R&G sliders saved the fairings.
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    . Sorry about the mishap Randy. Sooooo... are you riding this summer then?? Are you getting another, better surgeon?? Just wondering... C Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Disregard my last post about being restricted in my riding this coming summer. I fired my orthopedic surgeon. Surgery is off for now, maybe forever. Gawd I hate this asshole, and most doctors for that matter. My GP is the only one that really considers his patients quality of live rather than his own fukken ego.
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    You know I hadn't considered it before...but you're right, it *has* to pivot slightly. Next time I take the wheel off I'll take a look (so expect a response about 2021 or so).
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    So after contacting Honda, I have found a solution to the ‘missing cap’ problem. It is possible to buy just the cap on its own; the Honda part number is: 81214-MCS-G30 CAP A They are not that commonly held in stock but can be bought (I have done so!). Hopefully this will be helpful to someone.
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    T-REX got back to me. They're issuing a refund on the kit. They also said they're pulling the kit from all platforms. So I'm going to look for another option or run without. I'm now looking at the GSG sliders from Germany. Looks like they're no cut as well but less to go wrong.
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    I'm in contact with the manufacturer. It might be just a one off production flaw. We'll see what they say
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    Distilled water is the best coolant, for maximum cooling from a fixed sized cooling system if it can be kept below 95c. Add anti-freeze in the required quantity based on your expected minimum temperatures. Remember the factory 50/50 distilled water to anti freeze is designed to cover the whole world, +50c to -35c ambient temperatures & it raises the boiling point of the coolant to around 106c. Round these parts its extremely rare to see -10c, so I usea 30% antifreeze to distlled water mix, which is good for -15c & my garage being built into the house means it never gets below zero in there & I don't ride the VFR in winter. So I get a better cooling ratio in the summer & don't have to worry when the bike is stored for winter. Choose your required minimum temp, minus another 5c just to be sure, so my expected minimum is -10c, so I choose -15c as an absolute safety margin. Alternately if you never ride in winter, use 5% antifreeze &/or water wetter in the riding season & just drain the system in the winter & refill with a high strength anti freeze solution for storage. Don't leave it empty as its likely to corrode ! ** Note - don't go above 60% antifreeze as the freezing point comes down again past this point. Pure antifreeze has a freezing point of -20c & is fairly poor as a heat transfer fluid, so you need the water ! FREEZING POINTS FOR SOLUTIONS OF ETHYLENE GLYCOL GLYCOL % BY VOLUME °F °C 12.5 25 -4 17 20 -7 25 10 -12 32.5 0 -18 38.5 -10 -23 44 -20 -29 49 -30 -34 52.5 -40 -40 For optimum cooling, it's best to use the smallest proportion of anti-freeze commensurate with your local temperatures and block materials. 10%-20% of anti-freeze will help prevent internal corrosion, especially when using an aluminum block or heads. For short term use, pure water has the best heat transfer rate of all.
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    Took it to the Dragon and got my pic by Killboy bunch. Thanks Mr. Cannon.
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