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  1. Cooling Fan Operation Test

    Tried it and it didn't work
  2. Exhaust

    SC Projects, sounds awesome, looks pretty good Titanium with Carbon fibre cap
  3. May sell my '14

    Keep and get a boat Problem solved
  4. Cooling Fan Operation Test

    I will give that a try when I leave work.
  5. Tail bag size experience

    Looks like a Kriega 20 might be on my Birthday pressie list, they do look very nice. Do they have any small storage pockets that can be accessed without removing it from the bike?
  6. I know they are in Adelaide but they did a Honda HISS key for my wifes CB400 http://www.portlocksmiths.com.au/
  7. What did you do to your VFR Today?

    I haven't heard the Arrow or Apra on a VFR. I did last week with the DB Killer in and it was very nice and probably loud enough. But, this week the DB Killer came out and it is awesome, it wont be going back in. Its loud but not overly and the rumble when down shifting is fantastic.
  8. 8th Gen Luggage pics

    Hey Stuby did you need to modify the RHS box to clear exhaust?
  9. What did you do to your VFR Today?

    I fitted my new SC Projects Titanium Conic Carbon Cap exhaust.
  10. Picture Thread

    Like to learn how you did the Garage door opener, sounds like just what I need. Here a shot of His(mine) and Hers with the Jacarandas in bloom on our street about 3 weeks back.
  11. 1994 YZF750

    I had the 95' YZF600 for 15 years, have just sold it to make way for the VFR, awesome bike.
  12. Aussie Vfr Riders.

    VT750, his first bike for 25 yrs uses it as a daily rider, and doesn't go that hard so brakes sufficient. He is currently saving for something a bit more serious haha.. Funny though my wifes CB400 has twin disc.
  13. Picture Thread

    What is the bag you are using, did it survive the wet. Colour match is a bonus.
  14. Aussie Vfr Riders.

    I'm in Adelaide and have a 2014 model for a couple of months now and loving it.

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