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  1. Love it, now I know what mine sounds like to others. I gather that's with the DB killer removed?
  2. Wonder if it was a build up of moisture in the muffler material from storage?
  3. Agree completely, and as I stated I checked the valve clearances twice on my Yammy. And I will be definitely checking the Valve clearances on my Honda, when due.
  4. Classy pipe those Arrows, nearly as nice as my SC projects 😉 Yeah gasket wouldn't fit with mine either.
  5. Thank you for your responses. Not 100% but I think I may have over filled the reservoir!! I re-bled two lever pulls, no bubbles. Gave the lever a few more pulls and actually pulled out the little plate in the bottom of the reservoir and a couple more pulls. Put it all back together and its been fine since. Fist thing I noticed was the pressure required to operate the Lever was less, so wondering if it was overfilled it was just pressurised. The Clutch fluid was a bit grotty Kevin, which was surprising, the brake fluids still looked like new. On the road again.....
  6. Yes the plan is to give it a re-bleed tonight and fingers crossed issue resolved. Just hope the plates haven't been glazed up...
  7. If the VTEC valves are the tricky and therefore expensive part of the check could you not make a calculated decision on the results of the standard valve check. If they are within tolerance then surely the VTEC valves would be as used significantly less in normal commuting and touring. Wonder if the Dealers would consider this option? I did my 1995 Yamy 600RG twice myself over the 70000km I owned it and the valves clearance did not change.
  8. What have I done.... The other week I flushed the Brake and Clutch fluid on my 2014 VFR, using recommended Dot4. All went well so I thought. Only rode one day last week but have ridden every day this week. Earlier in the week I noticed that the Clutch lever was not disengaging in normal position and basically lever was fully released before drive engaged. Then last night when nearly home had to accelerate fairly hard from standing start and the clutch slipped, backed off and brought the power on slower and ok. This morning same issue with clutch position, but didn't push it to try and exaggerate the clutch slip. At a standstill in gear with clutch engaged there is no creeping. Any suggestions what is needed to remedy this issue?
  9. Replaced the rear tyre as spiked by a nail, was original Dunlop 222 with 11000kms so just about done anyway, just didn't get to do the throw away burnout... Have gone with a Roadsmart III
  10. Yep not on your own, poor shift
  11. I went with a Nelson Rigg Tail bag I think its expandable to 30ltr, a little bit of mucking around to work out best securing but happy so far. Got one for the wifes bike as well.
  12. Always turn the wheel to full lock up hill when parked
  13. I added the 15mm Honda risers to my 2014, no change at all to handling, and really no noticeable change to position but a little more comfortable.
  14. Gday fellow Croweater Xplora. Would you happen to be the rider of the VFR I often see parked out front of the Maid of Auckland?
  15. 2016 WSB was my last visit, probably return in a couple of years.
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