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  1. I did the Front Fork oil replacement on my 2014, went well though a little bit of mucking around getting the damping rod adjuster right on the first one, learnt the lesson for the 2nd one. I have also been busy with servicing and detailing my Wifes new ride a 2009 Triumph Bonneville SE.
  2. Replaced the rear tyre as spiked by a nail, was original Dunlop 222 with 11000kms so just about done anyway, just didn't get to do the throw away burnout... Have gone with a Roadsmart III
  3. Gday fellow Croweater Xplora. Would you happen to be the rider of the VFR I often see parked out front of the Maid of Auckland?
  4. 2016 WSB was my last visit, probably return in a couple of years.
  5. PetePower

    Spencer Cafe

    Milk and Toilet Paper
  6. Sibera my favourite spot
  7. awesome, did anyone play the soundtrack?
  8. Happy VFR Day 1yr old today , pity it was wet on the way to work. Birthday bath tonight
  9. It is a sealed system so no, operation of ABS would not introduce bubbles. The use of ABS though may be enough to move previously trapped air bubbles though.
  10. SC Projects, sounds awesome, looks pretty good Titanium with Carbon fibre cap
  11. I haven't heard the Arrow or Apra on a VFR. I did last week with the DB Killer in and it was very nice and probably loud enough. But, this week the DB Killer came out and it is awesome, it wont be going back in. Its loud but not overly and the rumble when down shifting is fantastic.
  12. I fitted my new SC Projects Titanium Conic Carbon Cap exhaust.
  13. Like to learn how you did the Garage door opener, sounds like just what I need. Here a shot of His(mine) and Hers with the Jacarandas in bloom on our street about 3 weeks back.
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