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  1. I have had the bike fall over twice, once rolled off the stand and 2nd time I put my foot down in oil both times the R&G sliders saved the fairings.
  2. Gday fellow Croweater Xplora. Would you happen to be the rider of the VFR I often see parked out front of the Maid of Auckland?
  3. Welcome, I went the Powerbronze Double bubble Light Tint and very happy with improvement, the R&G crash knobs have also been a handy addition.
  4. 2016 WSB was my last visit, probably return in a couple of years.
  5. PetePower

    Spencer Cafe

    Milk and Toilet Paper
  6. Sibera my favourite spot
  7. Slightly off-topic sorry... considering the Quick shifter my self at present. Does anyone know if it can be set up for Race gear change. i.e 1up 5 down?
  8. awesome, did anyone play the soundtrack?
  9. Happy VFR Day 1yr old today , pity it was wet on the way to work. Birthday bath tonight
  10. Love the exhaust. Don't know anything about the ECU flashing?? With the ECU Flash did you tell them the exhaust setup you were doing? I wonder if the lil shorty exhaust will make it a bit Lean?
  11. Welcome, watched the England game yesterday, very tense. lets hope the Ol' mother country can go all the way.
  12. It is a sealed system so no, operation of ABS would not introduce bubbles. The use of ABS though may be enough to move previously trapped air bubbles though.
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