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  1. Updates? On what? There were a few issues here that could be updated for anyone who might be interested, but I don't know what. But thanks for asking regardless of what I may update.
  2. I hope you are wrong with this but this is really what I fear too. I do have someone interested in buying it as a donor bike. He wants to marry up his front end 4th or 5th gen with my rear 6th gen. It has been done quite successfully with someone here I think. He is a member over at VFRW and I have seen the bike he did. A fabulous job he did with that. He put a lot of work into it though.
  3. Yes, Like I mentioned already, riding is still in. It is not the ankle. That is coming along slowly. Still hurts to walk a bit but I have been riding the MC and the bicycle, almost the instant the cast came off beginning of December. The issue is a hip replacement. If get that done, there will be no riding of a VFR or my bicycle for a year post op because of the ergonomics. Can't flex the hips beyond 90* for a year. And I am not about to get a cruiser type bike, unless I could convince the wife to ride with me, in which case, I would go out and get myself a nice new Gold Wing. But she has made it perfectly clear to me, she will not get on the bike with me. Wonder just what she is meaning here. On the positive side of things, I will be riding lots. Another thing, the bike was damaged during the crash in Mexico, but it is all cosmetic. I was going to do some work on it this winter and spring, but after the crash, decided the money spent is not worth the value of the bike. It has 218,000 km on it now and I don't think it is worth me spending a lot of money on it. Who knows when it will give up the ghost. So. I will just ride it and fix only as needed until I have the cash for a new or near new 2015 VFR Deluxe c/w all the factory cases. White of course. There might be a used one available in the spring in Kelowna I am told. Will keep an eye on that,
  4. I will be riding this summer. Through this winter and so long as I can. I have decided I am not going for the surgery until such time as walking is too painful to tolerate That could be never. But if I do decide to get the thing fixed, for sure it will be with another surgeon. I can't stand this arrogant self praising Torontonian. He is a pompus ass and I don't have the confidence in him anymore.
  5. Disregard my last post about being restricted in my riding this coming summer. I fired my orthopedic surgeon. Surgery is off for now, maybe forever. Gawd I hate this asshole, and most doctors for that matter. My GP is the only one that really considers his patients quality of live rather than his own fukken ego.
  6. A friendly bump to keep this thread alive. After a few delays, some my choice and one because of a Motor Cycle boo boo back pm October 26 last year that ended up with a fractured ego and fractured ankle, my awaited surgery is coming up in a couple weeks, so this year will likely be an absolute no go for any riding. Even the bicycle seems to be out. But walking and hiking will be all good for me so that will occupy most of my non RVing time this year. We will keep this thread going as a meeting place for riders from the Best Coast of Canada who are wanting to meet for rides again this year. Seems we will likely not be doing much of that for a few months yet though.
  7. I would think you can reach through the back and remove/install headlight bulbs without the need to remove plastics. But I can't say that for certainty. You can with the sixth gen. Are you running HID lights. They are illegal here in BC too but most police officers, except the traffic officers, know little about that. I was challenged by a freeway patrol guy and knew I was on borrowed time so just went and changed not only my bike but the truck too, with Piaas bulbs which are CSA approved. The antifreeze is a 50-50 mix you can buy at Canadian Tire so long as you read the label and ensure it can be used on engines that have aluminum parts. Just so you know, the 50/50 antifreeze you buy at a Honda car dealership is the exact same stuff as what you buy at the Honda MC shop, but considerable cheaper. Do you have a service manual for the bike. Burping the cooling system is really not that big of a deal. A relatively simple process. I have the service manual for the 6th gen but I think the two generations are close enough that you can use the same process. For that matter, you can download a service manual for 5th gens right from here for free. Just use the search engine and you should be able to find it.
  8. I would like to be able to answer with certainty but mine has been bent in towards the bike for so long, I don't remember what the positioning actually was. But it does look to be bent inwards a bit
  9. https://sprocketcenter.com/ This is where I have bough most of mine. You pay cheap, you get cheap. Pete's Sportbike is another in Canada that I have used for several things including good tires at good prices. Fortnine was much easier to use back when they were called Canada's Motorcylce Superstore but now, I can't be bothered fighting though their on line catalogue to find what I want.
  10. Hi 34468Randy, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. All the photos are nice Belfry but that last one is quite majestic. It really hits home in that one just how small our own things are in comparrison to Mother Earth. Fantastic. Looks like you really enjoy our nature.
  12. I need to get one exactly the same, but with a huge tear drop running through it. Green in colour as in envy.
  13. Awsome. I have experienced similar, but I was in a truck...not riding a bike. Incredible.
  14. I don't have an answer to that but you have a limited number of members who are monitoring this thread so even though there may be very experienced and capable people here, you are missing out on many. I suggest you consider posting a specific thread about this. You will get far more replies than on this thread I am sure. May the Gods of Stators and rectifiers be with you.
  15. I so wished I was able to be there. Is this an annual event or bi-annual event? Depending on just when it happens, I may be recovered enough from up coming hip surgery to make it next year. That will be the goal anyway.
  16. Ya guys and gals. Keep the reports and photos coming. I just get deeper and deeper into depression because I had to back out. I am sure I will meet with a couple of you for burgers and beers when you get back to the LMD area.
  17. I have replaced two stators while on tours. In both cases, is behaved like it had a dead battery. Matter of fact, the first time, I did replace the battery. Hope you get it worked out nd continue on your way.
  18. OK you guys. Who got turned on here? If you stopped for a photo, there had to be interest.
  19. Some of you may remember from the 60's a show, Have Gun Will Tra avel" An old wester duster. Well today it is "Have Credit Card Will travel" Hey. I should have started a television series. I likely could have become rich and would be attending this road show after all.
  20. Just a bump to bring this idea to the surface if someone wants to do a pairs or small group ride. I know several from this area are gearing up to head out to Custer in a few weeks. I was looking forward to this too but had to back out due to non bike related issues. I am open to day rides or even shorter if anyone has one planned. Speak to my agent and he will discuss my attendance fees with you.
  21. Regrettably, I have to back out of this trip. I wrote off my truck and to get back into another vehicle is going to cost me more than I had thought. Spending a lot of money for this trip at this particular time is just not wise. Maybe next one.
  22. So. I was wondering. What is the deal on the request for us to bring flags? Are you speaking of a large flag or a bumper staff type of flag? What are we going to be doing with them? I can bring one, even get a BC flag, if there is a reason. But travelling by bike, especially if you are packing for a 2 or 3 week tour, storage space is at a premium. Though a flag would not take up much space, it does take up space. I would appreciate knowing more about this.
  23. I just noticed....all my signature stamps have dissappeared. No wonder I tend to get lost these days. good thing i am arriving there with a group. Could very well get lost again riding solo on my way back though. Getting all worked up about this. Can't wait.
  24. If I can, I will meet you guys in Sumas Washington at the Chevron and ride along with you. I will book my hotels tonight. I promise to behave.
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