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  1. Yes it is. Mount Cheam in the back ground. I was just east of main stream Shittywack on the north side of the freeway. A rare clear sunny day in February.
  2. Thank you SQ. Mother nature helped out with the light. I think that was taken just after noon on a clear day in February. Not often we get such days in Febriary here on the Wet coast of Canuckistan.
  3. This is the second time I have repainted the bike. Both times with the OEM Sunbeam White, which I think is the name of that colour. And yes, it has pearl. The first repaint was partially covered with a one off wrap. But I crashed in Baja in 2018 and caused some damage. The paint was showing its age again. So back to the paint shop and repainted again for the second time with the same white with the pearl. This bike has over 226,000 km on it. That may help you understand why it may need repainting. I also rode if commuting through the winter too..
  4. 21,208 km may seem quite low to most. However, the odometer, on the 6th gen at leas., only has room for 5 digits. It reached 99,999 km or miles, which ever you have it set at, then it rolls to zero and starts over again. Add a 2 to the left side of mine. Yes. It has rolled twice. 221,208 km. This thing, regardless of some pretty severe abuse, runs like a timex watch. I have replaced the stator twice, and had a hell of a time trying to find out what was causing some problems with starting in first gear a while back. That turned out to be a severely won clutch. After the clutch rebuild, the thing ran almost like new again. The Honda tech who worked on it told me I should easily roll that odometer once again. I crashed this thing on some god forsaken road in Baja in October 2018. We just picked it up off the road, well mountain goat trail really, then I just rode it away.
  5. Hi 34468Randy, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  6. All the photos are nice Belfry but that last one is quite majestic. It really hits home in that one just how small our own things are in comparrison to Mother Earth. Fantastic. Looks like you really enjoy our nature.
  7. I need to get one exactly the same, but with a huge tear drop running through it. Green in colour as in envy.
  8. Awsome. I have experienced similar, but I was in a truck...not riding a bike. Incredible.
  9. I don't have an answer to that but you have a limited number of members who are monitoring this thread so even though there may be very experienced and capable people here, you are missing out on many. I suggest you consider posting a specific thread about this. You will get far more replies than on this thread I am sure. May the Gods of Stators and rectifiers be with you.
  10. I so wished I was able to be there. Is this an annual event or bi-annual event? Depending on just when it happens, I may be recovered enough from up coming hip surgery to make it next year. That will be the goal anyway.
  11. Ya guys and gals. Keep the reports and photos coming. I just get deeper and deeper into depression because I had to back out. I am sure I will meet with a couple of you for burgers and beers when you get back to the LMD area.
  12. I have replaced two stators while on tours. In both cases, is behaved like it had a dead battery. Matter of fact, the first time, I did replace the battery. Hope you get it worked out nd continue on your way.
  13. OK you guys. Who got turned on here? If you stopped for a photo, there had to be interest.
  14. Some of you may remember from the 60's a show, Have Gun Will Tra avel" An old wester duster. Well today it is "Have Credit Card Will travel" Hey. I should have started a television series. I likely could have become rich and would be attending this road show after all.
  15. Regrettably, I have to back out of this trip. I wrote off my truck and to get back into another vehicle is going to cost me more than I had thought. Spending a lot of money for this trip at this particular time is just not wise. Maybe next one.
  16. So. I was wondering. What is the deal on the request for us to bring flags? Are you speaking of a large flag or a bumper staff type of flag? What are we going to be doing with them? I can bring one, even get a BC flag, if there is a reason. But travelling by bike, especially if you are packing for a 2 or 3 week tour, storage space is at a premium. Though a flag would not take up much space, it does take up space. I would appreciate knowing more about this.
  17. I just noticed....all my signature stamps have dissappeared. No wonder I tend to get lost these days. good thing i am arriving there with a group. Could very well get lost again riding solo on my way back though. Getting all worked up about this. Can't wait.
  18. If I can, I will meet you guys in Sumas Washington at the Chevron and ride along with you. I will book my hotels tonight. I promise to behave.
  19. I'm in. Will formally register today some time. Will ride out with the Lower Mainland group if they will have me. looking forward to it. Will try to book at the Rocket in the event they had cancellations, but I see there are a few motels right close by if they are booked up. Travelling solo otherwise. Wife has made it perfectly clear she will not get on a bike. I haven't decided yet if I am returning with the group or finding my own way back. Do they have beer in South Dakota?
  20. 34468Randy

    no boats

    There was a reason I seldom visited this site. There is now more of a reason to stay away. I did enjoy what little time I spent here but your new rules presented take it over the threshold of reasonableness in my opinion. You may bar me if you wish. You may delete this message if you wish. It won't make any difference in my decision.
  21. 34468Randy

    Finely aged

    That is an interesting theory. Wonder what the petroleum and oil experts response to this would be.
  22. 34468Randy

    Finely aged

    That's not bad a price. My first replacement stator installed by Racer's Edge in Vegas was $219.00 back in 2012. It was an after market. Had no choice there as the OEM were on back order and I was broken down while far from home. By 2014, the OEM stator was $314.18 up here in Regina Saskatchewan when I had to replace it again. They also replaced the rect as well at that time. That total bill parts and labour, was $892.00 I think between the second stator being possibly a cheaper after market, and the hard riding in very hot weather for long periods of time, loaded to the max, cause the second failure. Again while I was far from home.
  23. 34468Randy

    Finely aged

    Yes. I had that done way back Sep 23 2010 when the bike had 9691 KM on it (actually was 109619 KM it had already rolled) That was a little pricey. $472.94 P&L But again, I believe that is maintenance. Things do wear.
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