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    *****2019 VFRD MEMORIAL SPRING RIDE**** May 2-5, Microtel Inn Franklin NC 828-349-9000 Rates M-Th $69, Fri-Sun $89 +tax Event cost -$55, beverage, shirt, dinner & fun included. VFRD Eventbrite page will be set up for you to sign up and pay. This year plan to contribute to the swag. Any questions contact Bob Ealy or Benjamin Ealy.
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    It's the usual thing. Tonnes of internet experts in something they've never tried, let alone owned for any length of time. We're talking about a bit of metal with a pivot. It's hardly rocket science.
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    Yea the certificate expired, I have a new one but I am having issues renewing it. Working on it but I have run out of time I have to go to work.
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    PEOPLE HAVE NEVER BEEN SO DIVIDED. I Don’t know why I care about anyone else, but after seeing people crash because of them and the quality of OEM levers I guess I just want to preach to the choir.
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    I did google "Chinese Levers Crash" and didn't really find much that showed horrible problems. Most of what I found were poor fitting bushings and people not checking to make sure their brakes were working as they should be. Considering how little force it takes to lock up front brakes, I can't see applying the requisite force necessary to actually break the levers. I'm very happy with the ones I have and would buy them again. I'm sure the Pazzo and ASV's are very good.
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    There have been enough horror stories (google "Chinese Levers Crash" and find out for yourself..) for me to determine that cheaping out on an item that interfaces the 200lb gorrila (me) with the brakes, is probably a stupid idea.
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    I have a nice 100 mile loop and some variations. Can be out and back in 2 1/2 or 3 hours. Longer if lunch is involved. Better a half day ride than no ride.
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