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My Center stand is in rather poor condition .  I am considering replacing it. 


I am a YEAR 2000 , 5 th gen  VFR . 


My question is this .  Will a 6 th gen center stand fit a 5 th gen bike . They certainly look very alike. 


5 th gen part No 50500 MBG 000

6 th gen part No 50500 MCWD 000





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Short answer is I don't know!  But I can tell you that if the stand had been directly swappable between the 5th and 6th gens, Honda probably wouldn't have given the latter one a new "MCW" part number.  The "50500" just means "main stand" and the middle three letters identify the model for which the part was originally designed.  Which means that parts that are truly interchangeable from earlier models carry the earlier model's part number.  That's just how Honda usually does things.


However, sometimes parts which are not identical can still be swapped--trial and error is the name of that game.  Be patient: someone will know the answer.





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