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A little background first... I've been riding about 8 years now; started with a 2005 Ninja 500, then 3 years ago I made the move and upgraded to a 2002 VFR800. I was looking specifically for a 2009 in white/black (as I find this to be the best looking bike on the road), but when I saw a 2002 painted in that exact color scheme (!!!) on Kijiji for about half the price the 09's were going for, I knew what was going to happen next... and 2 days later I own a 2002 VFR800! 43,000km or so, currently at about 54,000km.

'Mods' when I bought it:

- Repainted in '09 White/Black, no decals on the bike - all logos are airbrushed

- Carbon Fibre-ish gas cap cover

- Carbon Fibre-ish mirrors

- Carbon Fibre-ish barends

- Carbon Fibre-ish tank pad

- Black Double-bubble windscreen

- LED license plate bolt bulbs

Mods to date:

- Carbon Fibre-ish triple cover

- Clear front signal lenses

- Heli-bars

- Pro Grips

- Power Commander 5

- Corbin Seat

- Honda Factory Sidebags

- Fiamm Freeway Blaster Horn

- Battery Tender Jr SAE harness (and BT SAE->USB adapter for charging)

- RK Gold XW 520 Chain conversion with steel -1+2 sprockets

- EBC HH sintered rear brake pads

- De-snorkeled, de-flappered, PAIR removed


- Autotune

- Aftermarket clear/red taillight

- "Chrome-dome" turn signal bulbs - full amber glow, only chrome tipped not fully dipped, but when off show silver when facing bike (in transit)

- Gear indicator (cheapy Chinese eBay unit - have not finalized the pickup locations as my forks are still off, need to get it on road to test it)

- Volt meter (eBay cheapy from China)

- SpeedoDRD to correct changed gearing and factory inaccuracy

- 6sigma PAIR blockoff plates

- VFRness

- Ricks R/R

- Jamie D rear shock (CBR600F4), fully adjustable cartridge kit in forks

- Replaced carbon-fibre look barends with OEM black barends

- Replaced carbon-fibre look mirrors with OEM black mirrors

- New starter relay / connector / wiring (due to melting, see thread "crispy starter solenoid")

- Went through every connector and as much wiring as I could access to ensure nothing else is burned/melted/needed to be replaced. Dielectric grease ftw

- New rear Pirelli Angel GT

- Replacement OEM Honda spark plugs

- Chinese adjustable/foldable black/titanium levers

Mods to come:

- 8 spoke 90-93 rear wheel (working on finding one)

- Sebspeed clear clutch cover

- Staintunes (possibly)

- Rear OEM topcase (possibly)

Its been a fun winter of farkling... If anyone wants details on install of any parts, or any specific pictures, post up or PM me!

Pics :cool: (taken today 07/04/2015)






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Rhode, nice bike, and welcome too. :-) You've got some really nice mods already. I'll throw a vote in for a good slip on setup, and also, remove your snorkel. I just did the snorkel removal on mine after so many years. I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. It's just ace, and with a good slip on the bike just insists on you ensuring you ride her and enjoy the sounds. Funkomatic. Now that you've asked, a nice set of levers for control always look sweet too - total bling. :-) I've got the chinese knockoffs and they've been good for 50.00. Enjoy your ride, nice!


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Silly question - What is that black spot/hole on the fuse cover panel? I see it on both sides. If it is a hole, what is the purpose, if any?

OBTW, fabulous look!

Chinese plastic me think .

Roll On ..

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Verified they are OEM... anyone else have those holes in theirs? Not sure if they are from a specific model year of VFR, or if the PO cut the holes for some reason (but they are 100% symmetrical so I doubt it).




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