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  1. Hello All, I have for sale a lowering kit that came off my 04 VFR. Don't know if it would fit other gen's of the VFR or not. Included is a shorter kickstand, lowering dog-bone and a stock dog-bone without bearings. Lowering dog-bone measures 125mm, stock is 115mm (center to center). $50 + shipping (lower US 48, PayPal preferred, shipping from Duluth, Mn 55811) Any questions or interest DM or email: milepigman@outlook.com Thanks for looking, Knute
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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

  4. I have for sale a never installed oem RR for a 2002-2003. It came with a recent combo purchase I made (stator, rr) I only wanted the Stator. The model number showed for 02-03. $20 bucks +shipping (lower US, from Duluth, Mn 55811) If interested, PM or email: milepigman@outlook.com
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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

  7. Howdy All, For anyone who might be curious of the results, I performed a first ever valve clearance check on my 04 with 96,864 miles on the clock. I wasn't having any known issues, fact to me, the bike was running just fine. I did the check mostly out of curiosity. Six were out of spec. Two were near the limits and were re shimmed. Red = out of spec Between the shims, gaskets and a few other items I've got about $350 bucks into the job, not sure how many hours (lots). Cylinder #1 IN – N IN – Vtec 0.20 0.20 EX – N EX – Vtec 0.35 0.35 Cylinder #2 IN – N IN – Vtec 0.15 0.15 EX – N EX – Vtec 0.28 0.28 (Vtec side 0.28 just within spec – decided to re shim) Cylinder #3 IN – N IN – Vtec 0.20 0.20 EX – N EX – Vtec 0.33 0.23 (normal side 0.33 just within spec, decided to re shim) Cylinder #4 IN – N IN – Vtec 0.10 0.18 EX – N EX – Vtec 0.23 0.20
  8. Did you go OEM or aftermarket on the stator? Some time ago I replaced the stator on my '04 with a Rick's and it failed at about 5,000 mile, replaced it with OEM and have had no issues since. Just a FYI. Best of luck, hope you get it sorted.
  9. Hi Knute, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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    Thanks Max. I believe we were getting hung up behind some Harley boys for a bit there.
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    last day

    Wasn't meant as "macho" talk, rather fact. I did three things when I saw a deer on the track, blow the whistle, ring the bell and douse the headlight. Other than that not much else can be done, the deer were to dumb to move.
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    last day

    I'm sure I've wacked well over a 100 of 'em over the years.
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