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  1. $375.00 + I'll pay 50% shipping (lower USA 48 States) Overall, the cases are in great conditions, just a couple of small nicks. I think I used them perhaps three times in the ten years or so that I have owned them. I believe the color is Italian Red (R157) as it seems to be a perfect color match to my ’04. What you see in the pictures is what you'll get. (Note, I do not have items 3,4 and 13 (brackets A,B and C) shown on the parts list picture, nor do I have the bolts associated with these brackets (I simply cannot find them)). I didn't use them because I have a fender eliminator and had to make a little mod as seen in the pictures. This configuration works very well and is plenty sturdy, I have taken a couple of long trips with zero issues. If you have the stock fender, perhaps this would work? If not, I am thinking the brackets might not be too difficult to fab up. PM if interested. Thanks for looking, Knute
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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

  16. Turned 90k miles on the dial today. No valve checks, on my 4th stator, 3 sets of CCT, original RR. This machine starts within 1 or 2 revolution, runs smooth, pulls hard and strong. Of the 90k miles, 85k are mine. Bought it in '08 and loved every mile I put on it. Looking forward to hit the 100k mark in a couple of years or so. Enjoy your VFR everyone, it a great dependable bike.
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    From the album: Odd's & Ends

  18. I converted my '04 to clear lenses several years ago. I went to ebay and found a wiring harness off a later model vfr and swapped the connectors. It was so long ago that I don't remember what I paid, don't think it was outrageous though...
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    Thanks Max. I believe we were getting hung up behind some Harley boys for a bit there.
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    last day

    Wasn't meant as "macho" talk, rather fact. I did three things when I saw a deer on the track, blow the whistle, ring the bell and douse the headlight. Other than that not much else can be done, the deer were to dumb to move.
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    last day

    I'm sure I've wacked well over a 100 of 'em over the years.
  22. Hi Knute, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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