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  1. I'm with you there, I admit I uttered "Moron" a handful of times as he took things apart. Who takes a bike apart with no penetrate oil at hand... header bolts.... totally bugger up the rear axle etc.....no forethought in disassembly... more etc....(Jeez, I wonder how that torque wrench got broken?) I think the guys work goes in the "avoid" column.
  2. The Valk is a great ride, I have one myself. -- Enjoy your trip!
  3. Foam type user here, but very interested in active noise canceling......
  4. VTR1000 Super Hawk lower mated to VFR upper tubes, works out well, and there are a wider selection of calipers - 954/F4i/RC51 that can be used with the matching master cylinder. Goes the the stock triple/bars/rotors/wheels. Then the next step up would be F4i lower on 6th gen upper tubes and use 6th gen triples/bars + the stock wheel/rotors + calipers F4i/954/RC51 + master cylinders. And then again, next step is the USD work. I will let another member tell about the set up, but its a whole nuther ball game, and mucho more parts/bucks and planning to pull it off. Check my gallery pics for my delink and fork it work.....
  5. Yes, plz post pics of any and all the work you have done. Thxz
  6. Keny - Thanks for the great pictures!
  7. 5th gen looks great, .....newer side panels?
  8. I'm running the FH020aa now, and if it ever wears out, I'll take the time to figure out a clean mount for SH847 on the OEM spot on my 5th gen.
  9. Agreed, I would never intentionally use a Rick's...... either the FH020AA or SH847 is fine, although the 847 is physically larger and takes a bit of creativity to mount. While I 'm at skip the Vfrness too.
  10. Looks like a Rick's........that wire install job looks terrible.....redo it before it strands you on the side of the road.... Search for a charging test ...the drill.......and get a data point of the health of the system.. If the RR is fine, continue to use, if not replace with a Shindengen FH020aa. www.roadstercycle.com
  11. Awesome! Thanks for that! - I only played it about 10 15 times now.....
  12. Consider https://www.roadstercycle.com/
  13. Hmmmm, Black or Red or Blue.... wow what a great vendor! Lots n lots of cool stuff....
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