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  1. AvalonRacing

    2010 TRIP 285.jpg

    I know I'm going to be in the minority on this one, but don't you guys ever think, "Maybe I'll just use the car this time".
  2. That, sir, is ingenious... And very plausible.
  3. Now that is a pretty sight for VFR lovers. (and well over 1000HP too!)
  4. AvalonRacing


    Looks like a road right out of the Tour de France.
  5. AvalonRacing


    This bike looks so angry... In a GOOD way!
  6. THANK YOU! A few times now I've brought up the idea of a sticky thread for custom paint jobs. You took it on your own to put one together. They say "Lead, follow or get out of the way" I decided to out of the way, you decided to lead! :fing02:
  7. Cool. Thanks for the tip. I'd like to see the Vitus when you are done too. My first decent road bike was a used Vitus 979. It was white and damn clean. It little whippy but a nice ride and a light bike. I still have a 25.0 Campy post laying around for it that replaced it was dug into but that kooky Vitus seatpost binder. I've had a lot of nice bikes since then, a couple of Serottas a couple of Fausto Coppis and now a Klein and a Merlin. I wish that I still had all of them... Including the Vitus.
  8. I can't believe you were riding around with a headlight that was that hazed. Somebody buy this man a 7th gen! I've cleared headlights on our last Subaru that looked like that. All I used was a 3M car cleaner wax/paste ($9) and an old shirt.
  9. Love that bike! I chose a red '01 over a yellow '00. One of the reasons is the color. That said, every time a see a yellow '00 I think I made a mistake.
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