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  1. what happened to you?

  2. Thanks. The write-up that goes with this picture can be found here: http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/63470-me-my-vfr-cycling-my-vfr-work/page__p__743371#entry743371
  3. tinyminds

    My Viffer

    Pictures of my bike.
  4. Hey yeah I'll check on some shipping prices for you. Whats the zip code or address it will be shipped to?

  5. This is actually the first time I've seen a this detailed report or even paid this close attention to how in depth the autotune is. I'm impressed. Look forward to hearing more about your experience as your weeks go by, I may have to see about doing this myself, just to have a hands on and see the comparison is after riding with PC3 for years. Great report BTW, Thanks.
  6. No the ECM upgrade took effect in 2006 which changed the Vtec engagement point so I would not recommend using it for that purpose. If you having your bike tuned you could take a copy of this map with you to give the tuner a good idea of whats needed to smoothen the Vtec transition point though. Good luck!
  7. Looks about like what I did to my charging system several years back as preventative maintenance. That Monitor wire from the factory goes through I think 8 Connects/Fuses/Switches routing through the ignition switch before It actually reaches the battery. When I tested the voltage drop across that wire from the R/R to the Battery I had some 1.2-1.3v dropped across the connectors, causing the R/R to step up that 1.2-1.3 volts to make up for what it thinks is a less charged battery than it really is, causing the R/R to overwork itself. My bike holds a perfect 14.3V all the time, no matter if I have high beams on, fan is on, heated grips, etc. The only differences I did compared to your setup is I didn't fuse the monitor wire, since there is no amperage draw I didn't see a big reason to add anything that could cause voltage drop (Fuse). And I added new ground wires straight to the frame from the R/R, just because i could :P Excellent work on your upgrade and pics! PS: Does anyone know if the monitor wire was rerouted bypassing the ignition switch on the 06+? I haven't taken the time to look but if not it might be a good idea for the 6th 1/2 gens too.
  8. Haha I remember you had a pipe separating the bikes between their frame sliders in the trailer. Classic decal work :P
  9. I wrote this up for someone and decided I would copy / paste it on here for any interested. I'm sure some / all off it might have been covered elsewhere but I didn't feel like reading all the 100000 electrical posts to verify. Let me know if you have other questions. That's the best way to explain what I've learned and what I've done to fix / prevent future problems on my bikes charging system. Pictures can be found on the bottom of the first page of this post.
  10. Behind the BP Station in Telico Plains... other side of the Skyway.
  11. tinyminds


    Hey thats on a FL twisty... 561-561a is the best we have.... :P
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