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  1. Been 8 yrs. since I rebuilt Murphy ~ sure has been a lot of nice stuff on this forum since then
  2. They never made a set for the VFR. They just used an F4 front wheel and a wider 6.0" Ducati rear wheel coupled with an adapter to offset it to clear the VFR's rear caliper and still be centred on the swingarm.
  3. I have used both the RC51 SP-1 lower and the CBR929/954 lower on my bike with RC51 and CBR929/954 forks. There is no difference in fitment that I could ever see. The CBR lower looks a lot easier to tap for steering stops if you want ~ I just ground mine off and left it like that.
  4. SAFE-T


    RC51 front forks with Ducati rotors on VFR800 wheel.
  5. SAFE-T

    The Murphy Project

    a little bit of this and a little bit of that
  6. Pearl white bodywork. Refrigerator white wheels. One more trip to the painter, please :fing02:
  7. SAFE-T


    There was someone on the board here in the U.S. that had a VFR400 (NC30) with inverted forks ~ I think they were from an RC51, actually. Try making a thread with NC30 and/or Inverted Forks in the title and see if they show up to give you a hand.
  8. He does and he is. I still want to know where he got it.
  9. Is this the place ? 4 bolt 1.25" spacer
  10. SAFE-T

    Parts is Parts

    Stuff I don't really need
  11. Check out the Ontario VFR Mailing List. I just sold a D&D muffler to someone there for their VFR. http://www.vfr.on.ca/club/mailing_list.html
  12. SAFE-T

    Dan Stunin (10).JPG

    Not something you see every day :fing02:
  13. Six years. No spacer. I think I will just keep riding it this way.
  14. Am I correct you have the white bike? Those mirrors are very nice looking. What are they and where did they come from?

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