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  1. holy crap I am signed back in, now I get to drool on all the pictures you all posted from TMAC...

  2. Looking forward to May 2012

  3. flavadave

    Tmac 2011

    I had not noticed that. The shield kicks up the cool factor. Next time brother, next time. Either way your still cool in my book. :fing02:
  4. flavadave

    Tmac 2011

    Not trying to sound biased because I am in it. BUT, VFRBulldawg has a great eye for sport photos. This picture would not look so cool if his location, lighting, and timing was off. So I give a thumbs up to the photographer. I paid for less impressive pictures.
  5. This guy looks like a pro GP racer. He also looks amazingly handsome, a real lady killer.
  6. Before this thread gets too long, I thought I might say a few things. Most, if not, all will agree:

    1 Miguel.. thanks for what you do and giving me a sand box to play in. (and for not banning me)

    2 Bailey.. Good show, man. I am a fan of your work

    3 Ken.. You are a strawberry figure-head, but we can hang out.

    4 All of you.. thanks for making my year, and thanks for keeping it...

  7. facebook.com/david.livestrong.chamberlain

    King of the round about.... Loved riding with you guys.

  8. facebook.com/david.livestrong.chamberlain

    You rock brother. I really enjoyed meeting the two of you. Someday I hope to ride like you (maybe even two up).


  9. I look forward to hearing about your trip with your Bro.



  10. The trip was awesome. However you made it safe. Thanks



  11. facebook.com/david.livestrong.chamberlain

    Hey brother I really truely enjoyed my time and you your a big (and tall) part of that. Thanks


  12. facebook.com/david.livestrong.chamberlain

    Hey man I hope you made it back with no issues

    It was great meeting you. I am telling my friend wil will be rding to Wisconsin and Michigan this summer on weekends. We shal have to hook up.


  13. facebook.com/david.livestrong.chamberlain

    I am going to mount those lamps this coming week and work up a pricing deal. I think I will send you one at less than cost (thanks for the cigar) and you can help boost sales for me. Also I would like to know more about that cruise control kit and how is is all run. Last I am writing Trace I need to pick his brain on his RC51

  14. facebook.com/david.livestrong.chamberlain

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