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  1. Hey BiKenG, what I was meaning to say is that the spacing between fork centers is 214mm on the CBR954RR and RC51 triples, but the Kawasaki ZX-10R spacing was 210mm. The ZX-10R forks still easily fit into the CBR or RC triples, but if you plan to use the ZX-10R axle spacers and wheel (or any other 25mm axle-based wheel) that difference in centers will likely require custom-machines axle spacers. Hope that helps clear it up. To further revive the dead thread, I picked up my set of eBay 2008 ZX-10R forks from the bike shop today (needed new seals) and should confirm over the next month
  2. Sorry I'm late to the party. I'm still in. I will be incommunicado for the next two and a half weeks, but I will join in on the buy when I get back. Lacy
  3. I'm still in, let me know how much and which PayPal account to send it to. Lacy
  4. Amazing work. This is something I've always been interested in, but I didn't realize how close you have come to production. Please add me to the list for a 6th gen set, just tell me where to send the PayPal payment and how much. Lacy
  5. Merry Christmas to me! It was a pleasant surprise to see my bike featured on the front page of VFRD! And I am on version two of an aluminum panel to fill in the under tail area; I just need to do some riveting and painting and it will be ready to go. Happy Holidays Frankenviffers! Lacy
  6. As we're getting ready to move again (this time from Groton, CT to Poulsbo, WA), I realized that I never really took "final" photos of the VFR and posted them to my build thread. So, here are a couple: VFR800 Front quarter 9Aug2011 VFR800 Right Side 9Aug2011 Recently, I have only done a couple small things. I have had a carbon fiber hugger sitting around for a year, waiting on the time to build a bracket (because my eBay "steal" didn't come with one, and the British company who made it wouldn't answer any emails), so I finally hacked out an aluminum bracket and trimmed the trailing
  7. VFR800R

    2004 VFR800A

    My VFR... Asphalt black, 8 spoke rear wheel, TiForce exhaust, etc.
  8. Well, since my inverted fork conversion dragged on through the summer and didn't get finished until October, I now only have minor additions to do over the winter. Which is completely backwards from how it should go... Another Inverted Fork Conversion Oh well, there's always next summer in New England to explore. The list of stuff sitting in my basement and garage to be installed: - K&N oil filter, new (eBay sourced used) clutch cover - Motovation frame sliders - Used (another eBay score) carbon fiber hugger - which needs a trim to eliminate a crack on the trailing edge and an alumi
  9. I originated the fork swap chart referenced to by V4 Rosso and SEBSPEED above. Seb's additions to the chart are excellent (he added all the VF and VFR data that I did not originally include, and more). As for the accuracy and the sources of the info, I tried to find creditable sources and lay out where I got them from, but even the fork lengths quoted by the Ohlins fork source (which is no longer online) may not be exact. For example, I used '06-'07 ZX-10R forks which I measured at 738mm, compared to the 743mm listed on the Ohlins site. I would take those Internet sources as a rough guide,
  10. Great idea, I will try to score a CBR1000RR clutch master and see if it will work. I think the RC51 design was carried over to the CBR, so they should be the same (and the CBR likely cheaper). Rusty, I love your Brembo goodness, but I'm not prepared to throw down $750 for master cylinders! Maybe for a magnesium rear wheel.... Lacy
  11. I went for a brief (less than 10 miles) test ride this afternoon just before dark. Here are a couple of photos; I apologize for the poor quality, they were taken with my iPhone. Although the graininess does hide the dirt and dust that I haven't had time to wash off yet. photo1.jpg photo2.jpg It was a pretty ginger ride, with a lot of focus on bedding in the new pad/rotor combination up front and testing out the new forks. The steering feels MUCH lighter than before, but to be honest I really can't do a before and after comparison as the last time I rode the bike (in its original fo
  12. Well, I finally finished putting the bike together today. The first ride test will follow shortly. Until then, here is a visual tour of the changes made to the bike. For those of you who are clean freaks, beware: it's pretty dirty. DSC02964.JPG Front shot, showing off the new front end and the oil cooler mesh I added. The cooler had a bunch of mauled fins, so I cut up some window screen and zip-tied it around the cooler for future protection. DSC02962.JPG DSC02973.JPG I ended up with a bunch of electrical connectors that were abandoned in place, so the old electrical tape cam
  13. VFR800R

    Not mine

    As the photo title says, this is not my bike. I believe it was built by a friend of vfroem's, Rob Lindemann, and was subsequently sold on. I'm not sure about the bodywork, but based on the custom nature of the rest of the bike, I would bet they are custom painted stock fairings. More photos here: Motor-forum.nl I have tried to email the builder about the bike (I would kill for a copy of the undertail panel he built), but have not heard back from him. Lacy
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