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  1. Vee-Ef-Ar

    New guy. help needed

    Download the manual from here. Clear the codes Test ride Check each one as they occur.
  2. Vee-Ef-Ar

    Rear Combination Stop/Tail LEDs T20 Wedge

    Thanks for the suggestion OZ... after taking some measurements, they're gonna be too long for the housing 😞
  3. Vee-Ef-Ar

    Rear Combination Stop/Tail LEDs T20 Wedge

    Yeah I wondered how I'd go up here with a red light on the plate. You wouldn't happen to know which brand/type you went with?
  4. Hi Folks... just wondered if anyone has been able to find LEDs that fit the T20 wedge connector that act as a combination stop tail light... in white? I've trolled ebay and aliexpress and asked many sellers to no avail. Either they don't have any idea what I'm after and try to sell me a single "filament" LED. Which acts as a on or off light... not combination. The application is for an aftermarket undertail for an RC51 that shines white light down through a slit to illuminate the plate as well as act as a tail light and stop light. The issue is heat.... the incandescent bulb gets very hot and has started to distort the lens. I thought I would ask here as it's bascally the same setup as the Australian 5thGen tail. I have picture if needed... just couldn't find much on here regarding the rear lights, moreso headlights or indicators. Thanks
  5. Vee-Ef-Ar

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Someone (Stray) should post up in the UK Facebook group... surely someones up there. Honda VFR Owners Club ™ UK
  6. Vee-Ef-Ar

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Ok, got me watching now
  7. Vee-Ef-Ar

    Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Thought they looked like they made them available for the 6thGen (in their pictures) I'm guessing the setup between 5th and 6th are different?
  8. Glad you got it sorted 😃 Bearings have gone in mine, so I'll probably be trying the same thing some time soon.
  9. Before you even attempt to remove the eccentric, have you tried fully loosening the pinch bolt and prying open the hub at the rear? Then start to try adjusting the chain
  10. Vee-Ef-Ar

    RC51 forks on a 5G questions

    $200AUD for the lower triple with stem and axle is a good deal, especially if it's local (Oz) Given how much you saved on the forks, getting stung alittle elsewhere would be acceptable IMO
  11. 62,000 miles on my last chain. No fancy Scott OP: Keep adjusting till you can't, then buy new.
  12. I did wonder that looking at the brickwork in the background... ride on mate
  13. Nice... looks like the bikes rear has been lowered... on a level surface, the wheel shouldn't touch the ground.
  14. Vee-Ef-Ar

    Best phone mount ever!

    Had one for years. RAM mount had slotted holes that lined up with the tank bolts fine. Just had to buy longer stainless bolts and washers.
  15. Vee-Ef-Ar

    5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    Surely someone with a 7thGen has or will change their plugs sooner or later... and have a decent set of vernier calipers. adkfinn - The 129700-4800 sounds promising, let us know I'm in the VFROZ camp, where prices are somewhat surprising, including the not-so "plug and play" options.

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