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  1. Surely someone with a 7thGen has or will change their plugs sooner or later... and have a decent set of vernier calipers. adkfinn - The 129700-4800 sounds promising, let us know I'm in the VFROZ camp, where prices are somewhat surprising, including the not-so "plug and play" options.
  2. I searched some time ago and got the same pn. 129700-5370
  3. No problems here over the years with several sets. Don't trim / bend the wrong tab and mount them upside down.
  4. Hi Vee-Ef-Ar, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  5. Very nice VFROZ... and Seb. Are they rubberised toe pieces?
  6. Replaced both headlights (blew both low beams) Replaced a faulty LED T10 in the dash too Getting speedier taking that nose off
  7. Nice one Rob... welcome to dual GDC ownership. Got a leaky tank?
  8. Hi Uniron81, thanks for the reply. I've gone ahead and ordered a new carrier and will more than likely do as you will too.
  9. This must be the only topic that addresses the rear wheel bearings... that I could find. Thanks HS I noticed some play with my rear wheel the other day and was interested to know what bearings/parts I'm going to need to rebuild this. From my googling it looks like the entire rear end has 3 types of bearing. The main needle bearing A double radial ball bearing And another ball bearing in the sprocket carrier It looks like you can buy the entire assembly (which is what I'll probably do) to save pressing two of the bearings. Has anyone done this before, any tips or knowledge I should know before I buy parts. I was thinking Ron Ayers, as locally the assembly is very expensive. Thanks
  10. Fitted new conti RA2 Evo rear @ 137,000

  11. Fitted new Conti RA2 Front this morning @ 132,000kms. That's 24,000kms from the old one. Whoa!! Really!!

  12. Same... '98. I did have to remove/reinstall that lower rubberised chain guard though.
  13. I clean down occasionally with turpentine and hit her with Motul Chain Oil.
  14. Just changed the chain and sprockets... 17/45... love it. Gave me surprise when it straightened out me elbows leaving the lights. Should have done it sooner, but the chain lasted 101,000km. If anyone is interested here is a pic of the chain stretch:
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