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  1. I'm not sure about the headers to be honest, I assumed they were stock. never really paid them much attention. id guess the only way to check would be to measure the diameter of the pipe. I'm not taking the plastics off again they've been off and on more than whores draws recently. watch this space I guess. I won't be using the bike for the next month so I will let you all know later on after I've given it a good run.
  2. Got the manual thanks. Bad connection to the fuel pump. tested and now is working properly. Thanks for the help. Just the slave cylinder to replace now as it needs bleeding if I leave it on the side stand overnight.
  3. I will check the wiring today, I wondered what you guys thought of the blink sequence looked like multiple error codes to me. here's a pic of the beast.
  4. I've recently returned from a 3000km road trip on my 2000 5g. on the way home I encountered a problem. The bike kept cutting out like it was being starved of fuel, the FI light would also blink and come on at the same time. I had to keep turning the ignition off and back on to clear the problem although it would return intermittently. I've checked the diagnostic plug and have a blink sequence, unfortunately, the sequence is a little confusing without a manual. I've seen the blink sequence chart to ID the issue but would like some advice from more knowledgeable people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_S5EB7xfXwU
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