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  1. Anybody know a link, and/or where to find directions for mounting the OEM Trunk? 8th gen.
  2. Hi, I'm Todd and in Atlanta. I want to put some saddle bags on my 8th gen...I also need the top case hardware. My bike is a 2014 VFR 800 Deluxe. It is pearl white. Any help is appreciated. Thank you, ToddVFR
  3. 8:00a.m.: ANYVFR Riding (N Atl,)?

  4. toddvfr

    Lolo pass

    I did this back in '06 on the way fr ATL-Boulder, CO-Seattle...took buying my ole '98 n Boulder to make it there. (The Vtec went caput n Memphis & I had to leave it n Mississippi-Drove to CO in a Grand Am I believe-Oooo!) When I saw a sign similar to that, I had the typical, opposite of everyone else, motorcycle reaction, (OH YEAH!) That was, until some fella at a very antiquated gas stn, store & lodging plc, told me to watch out for the killer deer @dusk. Gotta go back & do that again someday soon, in DAYLITE! Yeehaw!!! ToddVFR
  5. HELP!!! I had my stator & RR replaced & did the 30 amp fuse fix...the holder, connector and thicker wire deal. When I picked up the bike, it stalled completely after 2 miles...I stopped, put it in neutral and restarted the bike...then I went back to the mechanic & it stalled again in less than a mile. My mechanic increased the idle, upon my suggestion, from 1100 to 1250 RPM. I got all the way to Nashville from Atlanta, when it happened again, three times at least, the bike stalled and this time, at night, I could tell that the lights went out & the last time, the dash dimmed, a buzzing came from the console area and it would not restart for a few minutes this time. I still have the PIAA lights, and when on they drop the volts from 14 something to 13 something...but the thing is, I hardly even used them at all today. By the way, Francois helped guide my mechanic with the 30 amp fuse fix...just like in the pictures on the first page of this topic, according to my mechanic, who looked at this topic for the first time, today, at my request. I have not grounded the green wire from the blue connector, but both my mechanic and Francois are not convinced that doing that is called for. I relly hope that my RR & stator are okay...I just shelled out $!000 for all my work and I hoped this would do it. The BBQed previous stator & the current one are both the upgraded ones called for in the Honda service bulletin. I am bound for Vancouver, BC, Canada over the next 6 weeks and tomorrow is Sunday and I have to either fix the bike myself or wait until Monday or Tuesday, in Nashville, for a real mechanic to help me out here, or to talk to Francois and my mechanic in Atlanta. Anybody got any ideas? I don't know what I am looking for, I have little mechanical knowledge. Francois has many lights and powered accessories and his bike is doing fine with the 30 amp fix for 20,000 + miles now. Anybody know a good mechanic in Nashville or Memphis if I can make it there. Anybody live in the Nashville area? I don't know what to do next, but wait for someone to reply to this post or for motorcycle shops to reopen Monday or more likely Tuesday. Please HELP!!! Should I cut & splice the green wire together or even ground it to the frame, (though I lack the skills to do the latter, at this point. By the way, I got caught in bad traffic a few tens of miles out from Atlanta & saw 241 degrees on the temperture gauge. I never saw more than 230 degrees in even the hottest weather, in traffic before. The bike seems to be running hot, and I am wondering if I am cooking my bike. Also, when I spoke to Francois, today, before heading to Tennessee, he said to make sure the kick stand switch, or something like that, was connected properly. I know this is a bunch of details. I hope I can sort this out with you guys' help. I have planned this trip for much of the past 15 years, am now engaged and this may be the last chance I get to do this until I retire in a few decades...again, HELP!
  6. I don't know if this is useful to anyone or myself, but I don't know where else better to post this sort of thing. Winter '04 I installed Piaa extreeme white same watts as stock bulbs, either low or hi, don't remember which were first. Summer '04- added the other set of bulbs h4s or h7s, whichever was left. Fall '04-had stalling and starting probs, which initially went away by unplugging the headlights or headlight fuse. Incidently, the bike revved to approx 4k rpm & consistantly stalled @ that pt before unplugging the headlights. I returned the Piaas & ran stock bulbs. The problems of stalling & variably starting got worse w/ time, until unplugging the headlights was of no use. The alt was already upgraded, but dealer checked that, the RR & replaced the PGM FI unit to no improvement. Jan. '05- Finally, after at least 2x in the shop, 10 wks & $1,400 of my money, (out of warranty,) the main & sub wiring harnesses were replaced & the bike ran fine for about a year. Jan '06-Installed Piaa Extreme White H4s & H7s + Piaa's $300 runnning lights Yesterday the bike choked-up on the highway & regained power, then stalled & restarted, eventually, 3 more times on the last few miles home. Now I don't know much about electrics, I do still have my old main harness, & know of info on VFRD & a Yahoo Groups: Vtec VFR Owners has some info too, (msgs #9455, 9456, 9457, 10039, 10044, 10045, 10047 are particularly helpful.) A guy, Francois St. Laurent, from Sport Touring Accessories in Deal's Gap, NC has been helpful in directing me to the yahoo group & w/ some generousity to help out. Honda customer noservice did nothing the first time around, (when I bugged the heck out of them,) & today I got nowhere fast. They did send me a replacement saddle bag that leaked, & the new one leaks also. The dealer told me to contact cust svc & cust svc told me to wk w/ the dealer, back in '04/'05. Even the district svc mgr told me I ought to fix it myself. I heard from Bill @ Honda cust nosvc that a VFR expert was just down the hall fr him, in his office, but Bill was slow to consult him, I could not speak w/ the VFR expert directly & the regional svc mgr did not have time 4 this owner of 5 Honda motorcycles, 3 of them VFRs and a Civic. The only reason the district svc mgr spoke w/ me, was I noticed him 1 day @ the dealer, wearing a corporate shirt. I was told today, that I could take my bike to a dealer & they would look into it, but since it is out of warranty, there is little chance of any $ coming through. So, I am done dealing w/ Honda cust nosvc, have been done w/ the local dealer & pretty much plan 2 wk w/ a local independent shop, & my own research & abilities. I do run w/ the hi-beams & driving lights on during the day, have had no car port for the past 2+ years & ride in all weather conditions, year round, in GA. I have been planning a ride from Atlanta 2 Seattle & now have 2 fix the bike again. I will check the connector, wire guage & fuse holder ideas out w/ my local mechanic, Andre @ The Motorcycle Shop, read some more & try & perm fix it up. I hope this time I don't need a whole harness, but I am not convinced that replacing the whole thing was necessary the 1st go around. I am learning the hard way, but it seems that I am not alone. I am happy 2 answer any questions & appreciate the recreation of this topic. Hopefully, btw me, my mechanic and some thorough research, all will be well. Wish me luck this time around, best of luck 2 u all as well, Todd BTW, Piaa wrote me a letter & swears they know of no other probs & do much R & D work 2 ensure the safe application of their bulbs on motorcycles such as ours. (Funny thing, Piaa & Honda both don't want 2 take any responsibility for anything.)
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