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  1. 8:00a.m.: ANYVFR Riding (N Atl,)?

  2. toddvfr

    Lolo pass

    I did this back in '06 on the way fr ATL-Boulder, CO-Seattle...took buying my ole '98 n Boulder to make it there. (The Vtec went caput n Memphis & I had to leave it n Mississippi-Drove to CO in a Grand Am I believe-Oooo!) When I saw a sign similar to that, I had the typical, opposite of everyone else, motorcycle reaction, (OH YEAH!) That was, until some fella at a very antiquated gas stn, store & lodging plc, told me to watch out for the killer deer @dusk. Gotta go back & do that again someday soon, in DAYLITE! Yeehaw!!! ToddVFR
  3. HELP!!! I had my stator & RR replaced & did the 30 amp fuse fix...the holder, connector and thicker wire deal. When I picked up the bike, it stalled completely after 2 miles...I stopped, put it in neutral and restarted the bike...then I went back to the mechanic & it stalled again in less than a mile. My mechanic increased the idle, upon my suggestion, from 1100 to 1250 RPM. I got all the way to Nashville from Atlanta, when it happened again, three times at least, the bike stalled and this time, at night, I could tell that the lights went out & the last time, the dash dimmed,
  4. I don't know if this is useful to anyone or myself, but I don't know where else better to post this sort of thing. Winter '04 I installed Piaa extreeme white same watts as stock bulbs, either low or hi, don't remember which were first. Summer '04- added the other set of bulbs h4s or h7s, whichever was left. Fall '04-had stalling and starting probs, which initially went away by unplugging the headlights or headlight fuse. Incidently, the bike revved to approx 4k rpm & consistantly stalled @ that pt before unplugging the headlights. I returned the Piaas & ran stock bulbs. The proble
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