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  1. You really need to change your profile picture. You look nothing like that pictures. :-)

  2. Chev


  3. Sometimes it boils down to what grade is commonly available in the size/shape you need. In this case, 4130 is nomally what you can get in thin-walled tubing. 4140 is supplied in bar stock for machining use. Because of the lower carbon carbon the 4130 is not as strong but is also more ductile (less brittle) than 4140. Try checking for a Metal Supermarkets in your area. I love that place! Both are hard to weld properly. Make sure the proper welding rod is used as well as a proper pre-heat and post weld heat.
  4. 15ft? that's a pretty tight turn to be doing at 35mph? but understand what you mean I think! Can you analyze an assembly of parts with solidworks? I can analyze assemblies.
  5. I wonder, Do you plan on going around a 15 ft radius turn at 35 mph or 75....... the forces between the two are drastically different. Maybe somewhere in between?
  6. Rule of thumb........... overload the model and see what breaks. :cool: I'm looking forward to playing with another type of problem. :blink:
  7. I use Solid Works about every day. Well, ok my drafters do. I mainly use it for stress analysis. Send me your part file, detailed material/heat treat specs, and some potential loads and I will do some analysis for you. I can probably do some fatigue analysis if I take the time to learn that part. :cool:
  8. Looks good Seb. You may not like the sprocket black there, but you are more than welcome to come clean the sprocket on my 1R sometime. I am sure you will do it once. BTW........ are you going to ride this thing? It may a bit too clean for that. :cool:
  9. hmm, let's see. I guarantee that they will wear. If you believe that they will not wear........... err nevermind. Ti is so hard that it will act like a grinder on the chain surface and wear the chain a bit faster. So you put a new chain on when the chain wears out and after a few chains, the sprockets are a bit worn and wear out the chains faster and faster, yet the sprockets are not "worn." Sorry, but sprockets are cheap, chains are expensive. I would not consider making an expensive part wear faster to save the cheaper part.
  10. Knowing what little I know about the US patent office, just that alone could take some serious time. Although, I know hearing that would probably rest the worried minds. I'm very patient in my interest, since I have 147 other projects moneypits to tackle before I think about hoping for a ToroCharger for my 6th gen.
  11. Chev


    Man that silver bike is sexy. The rider must be a sexy beast. But, why is there a silver helmet on the RWB and a white and blue helmet sitting on the silver?
  12. I am truely amazed at the temperatures that you are all seeing. But, I have yet to see the highway, at rushhour, in the scortching heat. Hell, it's not even 80 here yet. :beer: I would suggest a fan on the right side. In fact I would go so far as to suggest a computer fan on the right side. They are small, lightweight and move a good amount of air. I would wire in a manual switch controled but keep it controlled by the other fan. In the heat of the summer, turn the switch on, and when the temps drop back to liveable, turn it off. I hear that 6th gen rads are bigger, but you are looking at a big expense there as well as some possible machine work. Just move the air past the heat exchangers faster. :goofy:
  13. Chev

    Tales Of Zumo

    This is interesting. No one at Garmin mentioned that. I tried it and it didn't work either. I've thought about it, and I have decided that Garmin needs to get my data back. It is their obligation to me at this point. I will publicaly thrash Garmin for a long time if they do not. I cannot believe that they would allow such poor quality control on these units. I could understand if this was a $100 or even a $250 dollar unit, but this is the flagship. It is simple production control. Keep quality highest on the most expensive/lower output units. There is no excuse for low quality control here, absolutely none. I even heard one of the first people tell me that something must have vibrated loose....... understandable, except that they advertise this as vibration resistant/proof. I ended up hanging up on that guy when he sarcastically told me he wasn't allowed to hand deliver a unit to my vacation location. Speaking of which, call Garmin customer support sometime. 30-35 minute wait is standard, and they do not have a separate option for Zumo. So you wait in line behind all the grocery getting units not stranded on the side of the the road a thousand miles from a computer or home, as the hold music switches to 'get online and there is no waiting." That's just insulting if you are at a Burger King asking them if you can use a plug-in to try the wall charger anyway. Ohh and the guy I spoke to yesterday told me he would call me back in 30 minutes while I looked for my paperwork (I did just move and that was a challenge), but he never called me back. I called his direct line and left a voicemail. If he doesn't call by noon, I may just storm into Garmin HQ and show them my level of irritation personally.
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