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  1. The veefalo (2010 1200vfr standard) has over 60k miles on it, trouble free. It had a recall done on the shaft drive, but the old one showed no sign of failure. Its mostly stock, just a bazzaz bomb, Leo Vince slip on, and k&n air filter. I've done two valve adjustments, the rocker valves tend to need adjustments while the shim under buckets dont. I replaced the spark plugs, but saw no significant signs of worn plugs, iridium plugs are bulletproof. I forgot to replace an oring on the front valve cover, and it smoked oil a bit. I freaked out of course. Took it apart again and found my missing
  2. Its normal, mine does it too. Pressure regulation of the fuel pump.
  3. Veefalo on Independance pass, featured
  4. I recently updated the forum to the latest greatest always ever changing forum version last week, if you have not noticed. They put in a popup every time you miss the notification for admins and its really a PITA. I dont much like upgrading since well most things break when they do offer an upgrade. This time tap-a-talk has broken, I have been working with the tap-a-talk people and just cant seem to get it to install. so I have removed it completely for now to keep the forum from crashing, the install would crash every time I tried to install the new version. Now h
  5. Didit was in Vancouver a little while ago and spoke with Axle and Tammy, said the Covid has made 2021 out of reach probably 2022 at the soonest.
  6. Try changing to the default theme, which uses a simpler version of the editor. scroll to the very bottom. find the word theme and click on it it will offer a default theme. If this does not work then I dont know. I searched the invisonboard support forums and they just say its a obsolete IOS. No longer supported.
  7. It been quite some time since I have seen palm trees in person. Featured
  8. found a blown fork seal, replaced it and replaced the fork oil. Scratched my head on how to take apart the cassette to inspect the valving. I am thinking of revalveing the cassette but I have no clue how they come apart. I have only worked on older cassettes. I never liked the compression feel of the forks.
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