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  1. The Bowmore and Laphroaig are my favourites, haven’t tried the Black Oyster or the vintage Caol ILA.
  2. Welcome Bikus, always room for another helpful VFR owner, I need all the help I can get🙂 hope you are enjoying the RC 79.
  3. I agree, it looks great. Will check them out.
  4. I bought a Dowco Guardian cover 4years ago and am very happy with it. Not the cheapest cover available but very well made. Still going strong, the bottom elastic still feels as good as the day I received it. .
  5. If you take a OEM coloured piece in to a large reputable paint shop, they have a machine that scans the colour and matches it. Maybe easier than trying to track down the correct colour code. Another option as a last resort (and as you need such a small amount) is to go to a modelling hobby shop and check out there range of paint colours, they have a massive range. As you can see in the photo attached. This is only a small sample of what is available, at a quick glance number 12 and 26 look pretty close. Although 26 isn’t metallic.
  6. Totally agree, not worth the the risk. Also why personally I had no problem with the OEM tyres, I am in the minority as many members of this forum have not been impressed with them. I am currently running Michelin Road 5s and am very happy with them, they have received a lot of good reviews, excellent in the wet.
  7. Thanks Grum certainly looking forward to it, this time next week should have another six hundred kilometres on the clock.
  8. Can anyone tell me what the material used on the headlight lens is? Was going to remount my AMHP headlight protector for my upcoming ride but someone told me I shouldn’t need it as most modern headlight lenses are not made from glass but the same type of material used in aircraft windscreens? I had assumed the headlight lenses were glass. Don’t like the look of the headlight protector so I will be happy if I don’t need it.
  9. Maybe not in that order !! 🏍🍺🥃🥳
  10. Bought this shelf recently from Bunnings $65, very happy with it. My wife wanted my gear out of the wardrobe, so this was the result. Very practical. Finished work this morning for three weeks 🥳🍺🥃🏍 I should be going skiing 😢 thanks COVID
  11. Here’s my suggestion, doesn’t actually mount on the hard cases but would sit over them, easier to use the cases this way I think. You can also mount another bag above the centre bag if you need more room. This is presuming you won’t have a pillion of course.
  12. I can’t claim the photo St Stephen, just downloaded it, but yes it is a great photo.
  13. Not Tail of the Dragon but much closer to home for me here in North Queensland, Australia. Just outside of Cairns, Gillies Highway has 263 corners and 800 metres of elevation in just 11.8 miles (19 kilometres) And in just over a week I am heading to this area for five days of riding 🤤
  14. Great write up RC79NC001, I had never heard that there are no houses or side roads on the TOTD, I can understand why it is so popular now. Great shots too. One day I hope to make it to the USA and ride it myself.
  15. Try Honda Australia they should be able to provide this. It is the documentation they lodge to get a compliance plate for a particular model. Good luck and enjoy the bike.
  16. Fitted the screen this morning, wasn’t as difficult as I was expecting it to be, it’s just a little nerve racking disengaging the tabs on the cover screen that has to be removed to access the screws for the screen. I checked the price of this before I started, only AUD $25, calmed my nerves somewhat, however the painted side panels are $48 each side and they too have tabs. Very happy with how it looks, only been around the block so far so haven’t gone over 70kmh. In her birthday clothes. I think the dark tint ties the front end together a bit more than the clear ?
  17. 🎂🥂🥳 It was 4years ago yesterday that my bike was delivered to me, the screen and hugger I ordered from Powerbronze turned up today so I have fitted the hugger. I went with the gold mesh for a bit of bling, it looks pretty good to me. The hugger looks brown with the torch shining on it, but it is actually black. Very easy to fit (if your hands are the size of a 6 year old !) will fit the screen tomorrow hopefully. Only 13 days till I depart for five days of riding, bring it on.
  18. Love the photos, especially the second one. Really shows the size of the drag line bucket. I may have to rethink the top box after how good it looks in these photos.
  19. If it wasn’t for the cost of the tank you could just import the fairings in that colour and fit it to a bike purchased locally. That of course would still cost a fortune. You will have to get a quote to repaint if you remove all the panels and tank yourself it may not be too astronomical. I agree this is the best colour scheme (IMHO)
  20. She looks in excellent health now jstehman, great job.
  21. I am heading off on a 5 day ride in the middle of July, the mate I am travelling with has a M1-S Pro from Fodsports. I rarely ride in multiple rider groups so I am mainly concerned with the music quality, rider to rider voice quality and ease of use using voice commands. At this stage I don’t use navigation devices so can’t help you there. Like you the Pactalk Bold seemed a lot of money. Will keep you posted.
  22. Just got word from Powerbronze that my screen and hugger arrived in Melbourne and are now in the post on there way to me ( no Aust Post jokes I work for them 😄) Also just ordered a Cardo Freecom 4 plus ( JBL speaker’s) ordered from Chromeburner as even with postage it is a $100 cheaper than I can get it for in Oz. It was in FedEx’s hands less than 12 hrs after I ordered it. My cheapie Fodsports intercom is starting to cut out halfway through a ride so time for a upgrade.
  23. There is a 6 th gen service manual download available on this forum in the downloads section. That should explain where the tube goes. I suspect the tube has come off as you lifted the tank. Sorry I can’t help more.
  24. Welcome Pete, I am sure you will enjoy your VFR and this forum. I am sure you will get lots of advice on how to lighten your bike. I need to lighten myself before I start worrying about my eighth gen 😁
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