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  1. No, unfortunately not. What surprises me is that despite that I filled in the contact-form a couple of times and submitted this topic, I have not received any response from an administrator.
  2. No one? No administrator that can help me out? 😒
  3. I forgot my password and using a device where my account is still active. When I request a password recovery (forgot password) I don't receive an email from the system (yes, checked spam folder as well). I filled in the contact form as well, but also: no confirmation, nor a reply. I also tried to set up a new account with a new email address, but again: no confirmation mail received. Can anyone check what's good Ng wrong?
  4. The 'engine-off noise' may indeed be the breathing of the gas tank and is nothing to worry about (my 2015 X-runner does this so now and then and my breather his has NOT kinked). BUT if you have ridden for a while, then try to open the filler cap and you get the feeling that it will not open, the tank may be under a vacuum. And this may mean that the breather hose has folded/kinked. I don't know if this also may have to do with the 'running noise'.
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