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  1. No, unfortunately not. What surprises me is that despite that I filled in the contact-form a couple of times and submitted this topic, I have not received any response from an administrator.
  2. No one? No administrator that can help me out? 😒
  3. I forgot my password and using a device where my account is still active. When I request a password recovery (forgot password) I don't receive an email from the system (yes, checked spam folder as well). I filled in the contact form as well, but also: no confirmation, nor a reply. I also tried to set up a new account with a new email address, but again: no confirmation mail received. Can anyone check what's good Ng wrong?
  4. The 'engine-off noise' may indeed be the breathing of the gas tank and is nothing to worry about (my 2015 X-runner does this so now and then and my breather his has NOT kinked). BUT if you have ridden for a while, then try to open the filler cap and you get the feeling that it will not open, the tank may be under a vacuum. And this may mean that the breather hose has folded/kinked. I don't know if this also may have to do with the 'running noise'.
  5. I recently got the PDF version of the Honda VFR800F VFR800X Shop manual, containing all service info for the 2014 (and up) VFR800F as well for the 2015 (and up) VFR800X Crossrunner. The total file size is only 33 MB, and the quality is superb (no scanned version!). I'd like to share this with other users, so can anyone put this into the manuals-section? 1593996353_HondaVFR800FVFR800XShopmanual.pdf
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