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  1. I have a set of shad 35's , bags only, the hardware went with my bike when it was sold and forget to put them on. I think you can buy the hardware set from bike bandit or revzilla I think. I'll both bags in mint condition for $300 plus shipping or best offer.
  2. great condition 2014 VFR manual. $64.95 shipped
  3. I sold my bike so lots to sell. First up is ventura bike back, sells new for $459 , shipped to you for $250
  4. Did you paint or powder coat ?
  5. Well I just installed my clutch window on my 2014 VFR , wow, so happy. I was unwilling to take any down time so I spent the $210 to buy a new right side case cover. I'll probably put it on ebay at some point but I will sell a perfectly good case cover or drop ship it to Seb to save shipping. The cover has maybe 200 miles on it, still perfect, would sell shipped for $150 , also have a pressure plate which you may want to have powder coated at same time for an additional $10 .
  6. I'm pretty sure that strobing lite will get you a ticket.
  7. Had one once, found I can blip the throttle about just as fast , really un necessary IMO. There is no magic in them, just pulls the timing or fuel to take the load off the gears .
  8. still waiting for mine to arrive here in TX .
  9. Got my pp invoice and sent money right away. Can't wait to get it.
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