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  1. WTB - Lady saddle for VFR 800 Interceptor Anyone have a saddle only for a Corbin seat they would be willing to part with? My wife is a big weenie and would like to stop her complaining and enjoy cruising with me. Please let me know price shipped to 60707. 847-385-4752
  2. Did this item sell? If not please email me Doug.enlyte@gmail.com
  3. WTB: Pannier Luggage Hard Cases; What other models fit? Would like to get a set of these without being raped on the price. What other gen models would fit? If applicable. I have found a ton of them outside of the USA for a good price but nobody ships to USA. Any insight anyone or suggestions? Dont really care if they are OEM or aftermarket. Not too impressed with the GIVI set and would prefer possibly the Shad SH36's
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