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  1. Are you sure the RR will not be in contact with the tail fairing? At least, this sounds more elegant than my own version ;-)
  2. bdouvill

    My restoration thread

    Place to store all my resto thread. External links seem to break regularly.
  3. bdouvill


  4. I searched all over the forum and I didn't find the answer so I ask here: Can VTR/Firestorm/Friehawk fork legs be mounted on 3rd gen fork? I would say yes since the manual states fork is the same from 93 (last year for 3rd Gen) to 97 (4th Gen). Mine is from 1993. I believe for my restoration, I'll go this route with revalved/properly set internals and a better rear shock. I like Racetech but Maxton has good reviews here and from France, I will be easier (and also cheaper) to get something from UK than from the US (I'm thinking Jamie Daugherty here). I like USD forks but this seems to be expensive to buy (considering it's used and needs a rebuild anyway) and there's so many stuff to adjust or relocate that in the end, if I need one, I better buy a CBR 600 ;-) Thanks for your answer(s).
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