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  1. Hi guys, I am not quitting, just got plenty of things going on for the last 10 months, including no more garage at my new place and an insane new toy (2009 Kawi Ninja ZX-10R) as a daily driver. I just got to get my VFR back and ride it. It has been almost 4 years since I got it and "only" slightly less than 300 km. I probably rode around 200 km last summer, then I re-opened the engine to change the valve stem seals which proved to be efficient since the bike is not smoking anymore 😉 I did not ride it enough to measure the final oil consumption. Time will tell. Next problem to fix is poor stopping power from the front. I rebuilt the calipers but I need to check I flushed them properly, might be some air trapped into the circuit. Rear brake is working fine but lever is bent (from a previous crash?) so it makes it difficult to find with my right foot. Will have to find only the lever and that will be fine. Also I am about to switch to late VFR800i mirrors from Thurn because mine are broken (both). Security first, look will come after. To be continued...
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    My restoration thread

    Place to store all my resto thread. External links seem to break regularly.
  3. It looks awesome, I love it. After being parked for 6 months, I will get mine tonight. I wish it looked like yours 😉 Don't hesitate to comment on the Thurn 3-part front fairing. I believe it's the best option out there but still thinking about it before spending 700€ on it. Thanks.
  4. I put (more or less) into the original location but had to drill some holes (if I remember well). I did not ride it enough to have a proper feedback, this location is known not to be the best for cooling (God that engines makes heat...) but I cannot be worst than the original crappy regulator. I hope this helps.
  5. Nope Dutchy, this is just my rain suit. I would have never tought that I would be trendy one day with that suit 😉
  6. Hi guys, Plenty of things going on in my life recently like new house, no more garage (...), new job, same wife hopefully 😉 My Bandit is stuck with strange electrical gremlins mixed with carb issues since last November (more than 3 month ago), I barely finished my VFR restoration and rode it for something like 150 km just before I moved to my new place. My friend offered me to borrow his 2007 Triumph Street Triple 675 (he barely uses it) in exchange of good care (and catching up on the maintenance). My wife told me I would need to buy a more recent motorcycle (understand MY>2000 and fuel injected) since it would sleep outside (related to the new house - no garage thread). She told me to buy the Triumph, I told her if I was to spend like 3 to 4 k€ in a bike, that should rather be closer to my dream bike (one that would wake me up at night like my wife said). In the end, I found a Kawi ZX-10R would be a perfect daily ride to commute to work. So here they are, all the bikes I currently own: I repaired a center nose fairing. Fortunately, it was in dark green as well. I can't wait to get it back and ride it. I have the custody of this one: And my new toy - that's the French 106 BHP restricted version, but I have the parts to unleash the full 188 poneys (for racetracks only) As soon as I can, I try to make a picture with all 3 (4?) bikes on it. I can't wait for better days/wheather so I can try to solve the Bandit issue(s). Also, that will be the opportunity to go riding with my wife as a passenger on the VFR. I 'll keep the Ninja for solo rides and have to register for trackdays in 2019 but with which bike - Bandit or Kawi?
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  10. From the album: MBD

  11. You should try to find whether this is Monokey or Monolock system. I guess VFRs have Monokey system which is on the upper range of Givi cases. Then any Monokey top case fits. How does it look like? Monokey looks like this: https://www.motocard.com/fr/platines/givi-m3_monokey.aspx when Monolock is like that: https://www.motocard.com/fr/platines/givi-mm_monolock.aspx You should easily determine what you should be looking for. Hopefully, Monokey and Monolock systems have been there for years so you can access plenty of 2nd hand cases as well as brand new ones. Happy hunting 😉
  12. So I got back home with the engine not running perfectly . In fact, that is exactly like how I got to work on Monday morning 😉 Gone is the hydraulic lock issue and I learned my lesson. Watch out the petcock when you put it in PRI... I also have new clues about my electrical issue which is quite good. Here is the thing: - On Sunday, I removed my 25-30 000 km irridium spark plugs and put back my previous regular spark plugs (which I changed after 12 000 km) and were still ok. The one from Cylinder #1 was all black like my carbs were way out of synch (which I know is not true). The old one I put back into the engine had a "regular" brownish color. - Yesterday, when I removed the spark plugs to remove the gas from the cylinder(s), the spark plug from Cylinder #1 was again all black after only 10 km (and a few tests on Sunday). Since I am: - looking for a misfire issue - I switched all spark plug - I switched all spark plug caps - I changed the spark wire on this cylinder (I know it) this let me with a potential culprit which is the coil that is driving cylinders #1 and #4 - more precisely the output connected to cylinder #1 The quest continues...
  13. And I just noticed that I started this thread 3 years ago (and 6 days). It's definitely the time to ride it...
  14. Because I don't want to accept easily the defeat, I dismantled the engine again... I removed it from the engine, removed the 2 cylinder heads to change the valve seals. I took this opportunity to lap all 16 valves properly with this tool which worked great. The seal I got from the Bay were fine. Some old one were ovals, no surprise they were leaking. That was obviously before: and after the lapping The whole thing took me more time that I thought. Engine is now back in the frame and I synch'ed this bad girl. Fires like a charm and gone is the white oil smoke 😉 I am currently in the brake rebuild process: new seals and lot of red grease, braided lines, new fluid. Let's hope I can run it again before Christmas.
  15. Thank you @GreginDenver you were right with the hydraulic lock 😉 Cylinder #3 (according the the service manual page 1-3) was full of gas. I removed the spark plugs, put in the 5th gear and run it. I received gas on my face, in the eye and on my shirt... but I am ok. After I made everything necessary, it is running again... with the original electrical problem still there 😞 so not as smooth as it should. The difference with my original post is that I replaced the battery with a new one and also the starter relay. So I am left with my original issue... I made it run for a few minutes in order to warm it a little bit and see how it goes when warm. Let's hope I can come home without trouble tonight 😉
  16. @zupatun I had difficulties to start the bike for 3 weeks now. But it started. I described those symptoms in the first post. And by searching for the problem, I accidentally let the petcock fully open on Sunday night (Nov 11th). I asked for help on Monday during the day (the 12th). Symptoms were only difficult start and weird behavior of my charger connector. On Monday night, I noticed the gas smell and found I let the petcock opened and closed it. I also saw gas contaminated the oil but did not think some could have stayed in the cylinders... At that point, it was not possible to start the bike (only click on the relay) nor jump start it. That would be normal if there's plenty of fuel still in the cylinders. On Tuesday afternoon (the 13th), so approximately 20 hours after I closed the petcock, I changed the oil for new oil and put a brand new battery. Same (new) symptoms: relay clicks (this is when I made the video )and no jump start possible. At this point, we might expect all fuel to have gone into the oil and no more in the cylinders but there might be still some gas inside the cylinders. Let's hope that did not contaminate the fresh oil. Today (14th), I believe I killed the relay (RIP) but I have another one that I will bring tomorrow and saw that starter is running when disconnected from the engine (when bypassing the relay). Tomorrow, I'll remove the spark plugs and see if with a new relay (or by pushing the bike) we can see gas getting out of the cylinders through the spark plug holes.
  17. So I had an electrical issue to start with. And that might end in broken engine because I forgot to close this f... petcock...
  18. OMG... that make perfect sense. I hope I did not break anything like bending the valves... At lunch time today, I removed the starter and checked it was freely turning. In the end, with the help of a fellow rider and colleague, we saw the starter working by bypassing the relay but I believe the relay might be fried now after all our attempts. Will bring my spark removal tool tomorrow and see. Fingers crossed.
  19. Unfortunately, I don't think that's the battery. I just installed a brand new one (put the acid inside around noon, installed it in the bike at 03:00PM). I just don't understand why I cannot push start the bike. I will remove the starter today and see if the output axle can rotate freely.
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