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  1. On mine, the "-" was grounded to the lower triple clamp where I think the horn is grounded too. Not sure this ideal but so far it works great and never generated any hiccups. In the past, I grounded a LED turn signal relay to the frame of my Bandit 400 (which is steel and not aluminium) and this caused the bike to stop working when I used the turn signals... Back to normal when I used the battery ground terminal instead of the frame. I learned the ground is connected to the engine case and not the frame) even if they are connected to each other.
  2. bdouvill

    My restoration thread

    Place to store all my resto thread. External links seem to break regularly.
  3. Hi, I got the same kind of setup on my bike. Voltmeter is a Koso mounted on the triple clamp (was there when I bought the bike). Removed the almost new RR (pretty sure non genuine Honda but similar) because everyone on Earth knows how crappy it is and replaced it with a Shindengen. I think it's a FAA20 from a 2012 ZX14R. I am still using the original fuse built with the starter relay. This is important to note since with direct connection of the RR to the battery, charging voltage should be around 15V (I have this kind of setup on my Bandit 400). Here is what I got when running (approx): - 14.4V when running and lights are off - 13.6 to 13.7V when running and lights are on Note that these days (I mean 3 weeks ago before everyone was locked down, damn Covid19...), my battery was 11.9-12.0V before startup (bike sleeps outside under an Oxford cover). I hope this helps.
  4. bdouvill

    European tour 2020

    Which schedule did you have in mind? Sounds like nothing will happen until April and maybe May. Just read this morning Isle Of Man TT 2020 is cancelled and it was supposed to happen in early June...
  5. Damn it, I am 4 days late to celebrate 4 years of this thread 😉 Here is my (late) birthday gift - pics taken today
  6. Quick update on the gas consumption: Down from 7.75L/100km - 30.35 mpg to 7.0L/100km - 33.6 mpg. This came with the revised rear tyre (no getting in contact with the swingarm) together with me getting hand on the bike. Only back and forth to work, mainly in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear. I can expect to go down to 6.25L/100km - 37.6 mpg when I ride it on B roads limited to 80km/h - 50mph.
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