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  1. Damn it, I am 4 days late to celebrate 4 years of this thread 😉 Here is my (late) birthday gift - pics taken today
  2. bdouvill

    My restoration thread

    Place to store all my resto thread. External links seem to break regularly.
  3. Quick update on the gas consumption: Down from 7.75L/100km - 30.35 mpg to 7.0L/100km - 33.6 mpg. This came with the revised rear tyre (no getting in contact with the swingarm) together with me getting hand on the bike. Only back and forth to work, mainly in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear. I can expect to go down to 6.25L/100km - 37.6 mpg when I ride it on B roads limited to 80km/h - 50mph.
  4. Some news again. I got the rear tyre changed, or more accurately, I learned how to change a motorcycle tyre. With proper Motion Pro tools and plenty of information over the internet, I was able to put the new (old) tyre on my rear rim. I damaged a little bit the gold paint in the process. This is probably a mix of me learning and a no super quality paint job 😞 I need help from a colleague with a proper air compressor to put the bead in place. I did not balance it. It was not. I think the garage I went to put the original tyre back after the paint job does not have what it takes for single sided swingarm / automotive kind of wheel. Result is tyre does not touch the swingarm anymore which makes me feel safer so I started using it again. Odometer is currently around 99800 km. I do my best to shoot it at 00000km 😉 Also, I removed the dark tainted high screen for an original one. Wind protection feels better. With the high screen, I had all the air deflected right into my helmet which made the situation super noisy. Last but not least, my whole stable. All are currently usable 😁
  5. Did only around 500km on mine since restoration. Saw the temp gauge needle go over 25% (like let say 35-40%) but it was like 30+ degrees F here (something like 86-89 degrees F apparently) and I was stuck in traffic waiting for too long. Hopefully, fan works 😉 As long as I ride it, it never goes beyond 25%.
  6. What a story! It reminds me plenty of time when you say to yourself: "But why???" Lucky for you you were able to solve it in the end. Also, rear cylinder spark plugs are easier to access than the front ones. I did not know how to changes plugs without removing the cooling radiator. Let us know how she runs after you put a new plug in.
  7. +1 definitely on the tyre(s). Anything older than 5 years old (from manufacturing date) is a no brainer.
  8. Thanks @JZH for the feedback. This seems like the same story for me. For sure, the tyre is good for a replacement, it has been manufactured in 2011 and it's pretty dry. I already felt it sliding at least twice on quick change of direction. I found a used Michelin Power 3 manufactured in 2017 in 180/55 size for 30€. Will get it and have it mounted then check that this one does not touch the swingarm. I measured consumption over my last tank. I only run for 6-8 km to go to work, mostly in lower gears so consumption has been pretty high: 7.75L/100km. This corresponds to 30.35mpg (which is pretty low). I hope a correct tyre will have a positive impact on fuel economy. I keep the bike parked until this is solved. I share the result with you, I hope during July 😉 TBC...
  9. From my own experience, rebuilding almost everything on 2 bikes over the last 9 years (1992 Bandit 400 and a 1993 VFR 750 - visible on the forum), let me recommend this: Caliper rebuild kit + fork seals: Get Honda items, way better the generic replacements. I tried replacements but they don't last the same. For caliper rebuilt - get the seals from Honda and find some red grease, 2000 sandpaper for the pistons and new fluid. Brake pads front and rear Go to Brembo website to find the proper reference and then buy them online. From my record, go for 07HO30.SA for the front. SA is code for red pads which have a very good feeling for road use. I even run them on my Bandit 400 I made 2 track days with. Air Filter Find some HIFLO online. Equivalent to OEM but should be cheaper. I live in France so I try to source from Europe. Only from US when I find no replacement because shipping and custom tax make it no cheap. For Honda part, I use CMS and I am sure I already say the equivalent for US with way lower prices. For good online parts store located in the US, I am sure US based members can share their view. Good luck.
  10. New rear view mirrors from Thurn. VFR800Fi 2000-2001 mirrors. I flushed the front brakes again and seems ok now. Not impressed with the stopping power but ok for now. Next is rear tyre replacement. It's from 2011 (ouch) but there's something worse. It's a 180/55 which is supposed to be no problem on a 3rd Gen rear wheel bit I noticed again that on some part of the rotation (let say over 10 degrees), the tyre actually touches the swingarm which is really bad!!! It only happens for a small portion of the rotation but I don't like it (and it's not normal). I noticed again when cleaning/greasing the chain yesterday. I measured the rear tyre width with a caliper and found between 188 and 189 mm (189 is where it comes in contact with the swingarm). I measured on a friend's bike and found 183 mm which seems more in line with the official 180 width. This is probably linked to some shape change linked to time. It's a Dunlop (made in France BTW) and I hope this being pretty uncommon. Did anyone ever face this?
  11. Hi guys, I am not quitting, just got plenty of things going on for the last 10 months, including no more garage at my new place and an insane new toy (2009 Kawi Ninja ZX-10R) as a daily driver. I just got to get my VFR back and ride it. It has been almost 4 years since I got it and "only" slightly less than 300 km. I probably rode around 200 km last summer, then I re-opened the engine to change the valve stem seals which proved to be efficient since the bike is not smoking anymore 😉 I did not ride it enough to measure the final oil consumption. Time will tell. Next problem to fix is poor stopping power from the front. I rebuilt the calipers but I need to check I flushed them properly, might be some air trapped into the circuit. Rear brake is working fine but lever is bent (from a previous crash?) so it makes it difficult to find with my right foot. Will have to find only the lever and that will be fine. Also I am about to switch to late VFR800i mirrors from Thurn because mine are broken (both). Security first, look will come after. To be continued...
  12. I put (more or less) into the original location but had to drill some holes (if I remember well). I did not ride it enough to have a proper feedback, this location is known not to be the best for cooling (God that engines makes heat...) but I cannot be worst than the original crappy regulator. I hope this helps.
  13. Nope Dutchy, this is just my rain suit. I would have never tought that I would be trendy one day with that suit 😉
  14. Hi guys, Plenty of things going on in my life recently like new house, no more garage (...), new job, same wife hopefully 😉 My Bandit is stuck with strange electrical gremlins mixed with carb issues since last November (more than 3 month ago), I barely finished my VFR restoration and rode it for something like 150 km just before I moved to my new place. My friend offered me to borrow his 2007 Triumph Street Triple 675 (he barely uses it) in exchange of good care (and catching up on the maintenance). My wife told me I would need to buy a more recent motorcycle (understand MY>2000 and fuel injected) since it would sleep outside (related to the new house - no garage thread). She told me to buy the Triumph, I told her if I was to spend like 3 to 4 k€ in a bike, that should rather be closer to my dream bike (one that would wake me up at night like my wife said). In the end, I found a Kawi ZX-10R would be a perfect daily ride to commute to work. So here they are, all the bikes I currently own: I repaired a center nose fairing. Fortunately, it was in dark green as well. I can't wait to get it back and ride it. I have the custody of this one: And my new toy - that's the French 106 BHP restricted version, but I have the parts to unleash the full 188 poneys (for racetracks only) As soon as I can, I try to make a picture with all 3 (4?) bikes on it. I can't wait for better days/wheather so I can try to solve the Bandit issue(s). Also, that will be the opportunity to go riding with my wife as a passenger on the VFR. I 'll keep the Ninja for solo rides and have to register for trackdays in 2019 but with which bike - Bandit or Kawi?
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