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  1. I just got mine back, went with bronze mist. I hate wiping oil off of textured finish, figured this would be easier to clean. Anyone have any hot tips for replacing all the engine covers? Like corners known to leak i should dab some rtv on or something? I bought a full engine seal kit off of ebay, hopefully it does fairly well. Can't wait to finally get this sebspeed clear clutch cover on, dunno what my hold up has been...
  2. Wow that looks good. Love how you kept the 3 spoke looks of it. How are the widths of those wheels vs doing the conversion work to the f3 wheels? Would love to see pics of where you reinforced the tail section. I could do that to mine while it's out. I used plastic epoxy stuff smeared all over the back of my panels wherever i saw cracks as a precaution, but i'm sure your job is much cleaner and more specific to where the risky areas actually are.
  3. atx

    My '86 VFR750F

    One trick for searching forums is to let google do the heavy lifting, search for: site:vfrdiscussions.com whatever you want to find here is a URL that should populate so you can see my trickery https://www.google.com/search?ei=L_-lXKWYG9DEswW1_4fYCA&q=site%3Avfrdiscussion.com+"Earlier+VFRs"+cbr+conversion&oq=site%3Avfrdiscussion.com+"Earlier+VFRs"+cbr+conversion&gs_l=psy-ab.3...18280.24908..25069...0.0..0.60.497.11......0....1..gws-wiz.-AMrQHuyq_g That led me to this one: Which in turn led me to this guide that should be exactly what you need: http://www.one-ring.net/vfrfaq/WheelFAQ.htm One thing to consider is swapping wheels isn't that huge of an upgrade unless you are doing suspension as well. If you swap to f3 front end you'll get way more modern goodness. On the flipside, that is a gorgeous bike and battlax tires on stock wheels aren't that bad really. You can always upgrade stock suspension and keep those sweet 3 spoke classics, if you are willing to go that route. Welcome to the club, post more pics, we are fiends. Have any of the bodywork in progress?
  4. That gold dust sure does look close. Looking forward to results. I still have a spare set of covers i need done...
  5. It is probably the vfr400r setup, you can buy those twin rads pretty cheap on ebay and they fit with little fuss. Some kits come with hoses, but i think samco makes a baller silicon hose kit if you're lookin for top notch quality.
  6. My early 86 F1 bike doesn't even have that plug that i can find. You should be ok leaving it off though, if your lights don't work or something you'll know pretty quick once you hook it all up. I know the euro bikes have an extra connector on the right hand switch for the on/off/park lights switch, so maybe that is the deal. For fuel cut relay the white plug and bullet connector should be what you need to go back to stock. I just went through this recently, there is a cheaper aftermarket unit out there by K&L you can modify to fit. That black two wire connector by your reg/rec connector should be the one that goes straight to your fuel pump. On mine the reg/rec connector and fuel pump connector are hidden under this little guy: You might be able to find another source locally(if you care to replace it), but here is a source i found for em: http://www.cycleterminal.com/connector-covers.html As for your reg/rec woes you should remount it good enough for your liking, and then solder the 3 yellow stator wires straight to the reg/rec connector. Your reg/rec connector looks to be new and zip tied well enough, but the spade terminals are not great and known to fail on these things and your stator connector looks original. I'm waiting on a rebuilt stator now, this is what mine looked like recently:
  7. Take a pic of that extra plug and i'll let you know where it connects on my US bike, i've got all the fairings off as we speak anyway so should be easy enough to figure out. What was wrong with your old switch? I actually thought about switching to your style to get the flash to pass. Great progress, things are really coming along for you. A little sanding and body filler on that panel that paint stripper messed up and it should look good as new.
  8. Haha wow, that "solution" is a fire hazard waiting to happen.
  9. Pretty sure shipping costs would murder me. Have you seen the classic samsonite hard bags from the classic silverwings and cbx's? Those would be a perfect fit for the rc24 i think if you painted them to match.
  10. They probably bypassed the fuel pump relay because of a failure so it runs whenever the key is on. Nice pics of the mounting for the bags, looks well done.
  11. Are the mufflers black from the factory? Matches the bike quite well.
  12. Did you guys not get the red/white/blue rc24's? I mean obviously it is the best possible color combo on them right? (i'm way biased hehehe)
  13. Oh wow the angle of the back of those bags fits aroudn the stock blinkers quite well. What is the model of them?
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