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  1. I'm sure if you ask or book a test ride they'll sort it. I just took what they had as a courtesy bike. Mechanic didn't say anything about waiting for stock, they booked mine in as soon as I called.
  2. Yep, booked it as soon as the phase 2 notice arrived. Mechanic at Norton Way reckons it only takes him 40 mins now. Yep NC750, wasn't offered a choice. Glad I didn't have too far to go
  3. Mine was replaced yesterday and is as smooth as a smooth thing. Then again it was before they put the new shaft in And having ridden around on an NC750X for the day while they did it I'm reminded of just how awesome the 1200 is
  4. http://www.visordown.com/motorcycle-news--general-news/honda-suspends-kumamoto-motorcycle-production/31122.html That might slow things up a little if the parts are coming out of that factory? Still, very minor thing compared to the plight of those in the area so here's wishing them luck.
  5. I was in Norton Way Letchworth over Christmas and asked both at the service desk and Steve in the showroom. They both still claim to know nothing about this! Be interesting to see what happens next in the UK / Europe. At least mine isn't being ridden and hopefully by the time I get back, it will all be sorted. If there's a time limit on the recall, I may have to ask you to take it in for me. No worries, I've been using yours since you went anyway ;-)
  6. I was in Norton Way Letchworth over Christmas and asked both at the service desk and Steve in the showroom. They both still claim to know nothing about this! Be interesting to see what happens next in the UK / Europe.My VIN has A2DK3 at its centre which doesn't appear in the numbers above. It could simply be different countries / continents dealing with the recalls separately though of course. So, for now, in the UK, we wait.
  7. Bugger, I hate it when that happens. I just suggested torque wrenches for crakerjac as he said he's a "chronic over tightener".
  8. Don't take any notice of your main dealer, all main dealers use the same info, and all will say no recall on your vin No, just wait until you get your letter from Honda UK, because you will, regardless of what your dealer says. :smile2: I didn't / don't doubt that it may well come. I've a little experience of this bike ownership lark having started riding and owning them 35 years ago. I'm just saying until I have official notice from Honda then internet speculation means nothing. Currently, the dealer and Honda UK say no recall. When / if they do recall it, I'll take it in a get the work done.
  9. We have a recall on all SC 63 and SC70 models produced between 2010 and 2013. No doubt anymore (even in the UK)...It says a lot about your dealer how he deals with your concern. Nada! Of Course, this is my opinion! You've jumped to a conclusion a little hastily there. Forgive me, I paraphrased, what they actually said is bear with us while we check, no nothing showing and we are not aware of anything yet. If Honda UK do make us aware of anything we will let you know straight away. I also checked for myself on the Honda UK website against my VIN and that also states "no recall or updates" against this vehicle or some such similar words. http://www.honda.co.uk/motorcycles/my-bike/maintenance/recalls-and-updates.html I'm not sure what more a dealer can do if Honda haven't reported anything? I don't see why some people are getting on their high horse over this. These things happen! I've been designing products for the best part of 30 years and even I didn't get everything right and I'm a genius ;-)
  10. Spoke with the dealer I purchased my 2013 (new) from and they say there are no recalls on my model. They also said they're unaware of any recall.
  11. The numbers quoted in the OP are engine numbers. Not VIN / Frame numbers. HTH.
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