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  1. 1998 VFR800, Pipercross air filter, Micron high mount and PC3 custom map. Wondering if I’m able to get on the list for the next batch. Mine stock headers do not have O2 bungs correct? So I do not need any bungs on my build? Art
  2. artpongs


    random shots
  3. That is correct, back when I acquired the VFR and went ahead and did the delink. I may need another pair of the special washers. Also, the brackets I have, they take the space of the reflector that is removed correct? Art
  4. Hummm... I have a set from 4/13 what version were those? Any difference in mounting? How much, with another pair of the stepped washer? Upon further inspection, I need another set as the fender installed on my Hawk requires these too, they were installed with regular hardware from prior mechanic. Art
  5. Differences? Lighter? Art
  6. artpongs

    Tail of the Dragon

    just saw these comments, thank you guys. that trip was a good one
  7. 007 what is the PRB fall ride and what does it entail? Art
  8. You should reach out to him and find out what the current settings are, but I do recommend scooping that up and putting it in the stash for another day as they are rare. I recognize the seller from the Hawk GT forums, he keeps his bikes and spares in good condition. You can research then mail it out if it needs a different spring/revalve in the future. Come to think of it, check out the VFR750 he also has listed for sale. Art
  9. And you should definitely scoop this up for the build from the other forum: http://vfrworld.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=6807&title=90-93-ohlins-shock-3-springs&cat=4 I have been keeping an eye out for a 5th gen Ohlins but it seems no one is ever letting them go.
  10. We were actually planning to head out that direction tomorrow but the rain pattern is coming in from the NW. We are heading down toward Richmond for the day for mid 70's temps before coming back up in the evening when it stops. Art
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