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  1. Hi!
    I have been running your map for a while.
    it gives emotions, man !
    A new world of acceleration and smoothness.
    And the feeling of ever and ever growing power !!!

    But I find it a little too thirsty, about 13 km / litre.

    Thank you

  2. '04 Vfr Dynotuned Results: 109.3hp / 59.2tq

    Mitja, Thank you for your contribution. I have a 2002 too, same configuration as yours. I would be very interested into your map, could you upload it for me ? My continuously modded Cozye's is not as efficient as before the mods..... Greetings from Mont Blanc !
  3. Oil change 6th gen

    I used to add X-1R ( 5%) to my bike oil. ( Triump Daytona t595 ) ALWAYS found myself VERY GOOD. 1) Markable less friction => faster revving, less heat, less noise. 2) Perfect idling 3) Fuel economy LOVED IT

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