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  1. very nice. I might have to do something like that.
  2. Good points. I did get a lot of oil spilled on the headers when removing the filter. Thanks for the warning about the K&N filter. I hope this one holds until the next oil change.
  3. Finally got mine done. A few comments and pics of my install. what comes with the package: for more details, see the original install guide: remove left and right fairings. replace coolant bottle and install it. remove engine rod and push new one in. new rod going in: Old one coming out: It should look like this: Now to the scary part. making holes on the fairings. I used plumber's putty. :) this helped me know exactly where to start the holes. used a small drill bit for initial hole. then moved to larger bit and ended up using a dremmel for the rest. That's it. most of the time is spent making those holes big enough for the spacers to go thru.
  4. pretty easy but here are some pics new K&N filter and the manual on the ipad. remove these 2 bolts to lift the tank. get the tool ready to hold the tank up. the tank is up. phillips screw driver to remove the cover. Remember to remove the "o" ring from the air filter cover. here is the new filter. install it and put the cover back on. screw cover, tight the tank bolts and you are done.
  5. Yet another thread on how to change the oil on your 6th gen. remove left side fairing. get her ready to bleed. remove oil filler cap. get ready to remove plug 17mm socket. let her bleed removing filter is a pain. use strap wrench or the right oil filter cap. put rags on the pipes below cause it will drip a lot. messy messy Cool K&N filter. it already comes with a 17mm top. no need for a filter wrench cap to get it tight. Pour the oil about 3 quarters will do. turn it on. check for leaks. have a drink. All Done
  6. Finished the install today. Pics later. All good.
  7. FrankoQ


    Hope you are ok.
  8. what are the switches for? Left to right Toggle switch to shift betweem steble horn and normal bosch Hazard light Fork mounted LED lights I have changed this a little added a dimmer for the LED. Will post later Nice!
  9. FrankoQ


    very nice 4th gen.
  10. I don't remember any collars or shims sitting behind the bolt head of the stock mount bolt. In any case it should not matter as you will remove all of the factory mount bolt and use all new parts that come with the R&G kit. Comes with its own spacers, washers, nuts. Very complete kit, just don't think the rubber hose on the long stud is part of the install, it's not. I belive the only reason it's on there is to prevent any possible dings or buggers to the center section of the stud so that it installs smoothly. Thanks... I thought so, but I wanted to make sure before hand. Now, to find the time and get this done. same here. I need to find the time and take my sweet time to make those holes on the fairings.
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